low-priced heaven of Super99 store

On a recent visit to the GIP Mall in Noida, we chanced upon a store that advertised itself as a low-cost heaven for shopaholics. Not sure what lay ahead, we nonetheless went ahead to just check out the stuff at low-priced heaven of Super99 store Noida and see if something worthwhile was there. Trust us, the visit was worth the effort for many reasons, including, obviously the price…

A fact-check into Super99

Honestly, we had never heard about the store earlier so there was some curiosity to knowing it better. More importantly, its lofty claims in regard to low prices were urging us to verify the claims. Had to say, we returned satisfied!

The Super99 had stocked everyday products from categories as varied as gifts, beauty care, kitchen items, toys, snacks, home accessories, décor and ready to wear items.

The range was impressive and it took us long to explore the aisles stacked up with so many products. Most of the items looked cool and it gave use good feel.

The ‘99” catch

Initially, we thought that the store would have all products priced at INR 99. We were partially right though. However not all items was priced that low, the store had a brand strategy to fix price in a denomination of 99.

Naturally then, we found products in priced at Rs99, 199, 299 and 399. We could not find anything above the INR 399 tag and are not sure whether something above that range existed there.

We bought three cool products

There was a coffee mug, printed with unique design that caught the attention. I checked the price and found it to be amazingly low priced. It look every bit value for money. Without wasting time, it was stuffed into the cart.

Super99 store Noida

There as this stylish and cool key holder for keeping numerous keys in a neat arrangement. The product looked helpful and obviously, it too as costing just a few bucks. We bought it was well.

Super99 store Noida

We also checked out this fine-looking thermos bottle and bought it for its low price. We were not sure about quality as the price was too low to expect big. Anyways, it was a good experience there.

They have a website as well but don’t sell online

The staff told us that they had a website as well but the company does not sell online, at least not until now. They told about other stores across NCR and India. We found the website helpful for checking price and comparing products. 

Our takeaway

Well, the store is worth a visit particularly if you’re a sucker for low-price items for everyday use. We don’t think you could find better products at that low prices anywhere else. The store is big, expansive with a good staff to help you out. Plus, Super99 is a big brand with such stores across 30 locations and cities in India.

So, give a visit to one of its stores and find products at amazingly low prices. We guarantee you won’t feel disappointed there! Check out best shopping markets in Delhi.

Disclaimer: Above post is based on my personal experience. People may have different views as per there experience.

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