05 Different Ways To Explore Goa

05 Different Ways To Explore Goa
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Serene blue water, ocean waves whistles in your ears, lush green forests, palm trees dancing with magical winds this is a bit about Goa. What else you need to make a place worth visiting. Goa is one of the most popular and evergreen destinations in India for domestic as well as for international travelers. Today we will discuss 05 different ways to explore Goa for everyone.

Goa has something for everyone. Beaches to nightlife, Lush green forests to ancient architecture, Wildlife to adventure sports. River cruises to flouting casinos and many more. it has everything which can make your holiday perfect in Goa. Let me tell you today about 05 different ways to explore Goa.

05 Different Ways To Explore Goa

If the above brief explanation is enough to make you go to Goa then the first question will be how to explore Goa? There could be so many ways to explore Goa as per the interest of travelers and budget. Some people like to explore a destination full of luxury and comfort.

On the other hand, some people with less budget would want everything at the cheapest price and do not bother about luxury and comfort. There is more kind of people who want to explore as much as possible within less time and budget. In this post, I will explain to you 05 different ways to explore Goa.

05 Different Ways To Explore Goa
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Last week I got an opportunity to visit Goa as I was invited as media for GITM (Goa Internationa Travel Mart) organized by Goa Tourism Board. Which gave me an opportunity to interact with the Secretary and Managing Director of the Goa Tourism Board.

They update us with the future plan of the tourism board to promote Goa with some of the best policies which can really attract a lot of tourists to Goa and Goa will be able to entertain them without losing its charm and beauty.

After attending this event and exploring I have come up with 05 different ways to explore Goa which can be suitable for everyone.

As I said above Goa has something for everyone. These 05 different ways to explore Goa will definitely help you to choose your way to explore Goa.

05 different ways to explore Goa

Book a complete package with a hotel or travel agent: This is the easiest way to explore any destination especially for people who do not have much time to research and study the place they are visiting.

Most people who want luxury and a comfortable vacation choose this way to explore Goa. No doubt this is one of the popular ways to visit Goa among 05 different ways to explore Goa. This has its own pros and cons.                                                                                                                                                                                                          05 Different Ways To Explore Goa                                                                                                                                  Pros: A: You don’t have to spend the time on google to research about hotel, transfers and rest of the services as your travel agent do all the stuff for you.

B: When you reach a destination you find everything ready for you. you just start your holiday.

C: There is always assistance for you if need any help or emergency.

Cons: A: In this way, you might be able to see only places that are only famous about Goa like Beaches, Nightlife, and some architecture as travel agents and hotels do not bother much about the places which are like hidden gems or less popular even they are awesome.

B: You might have to spend some extra money as a travel agent of hotels charge you for their services.

C: Some time people also get cheated as travel agents and hotels do not fulfill the promises they at the time of selling you a package.

Conclusion: This is a way that also helps the travel industry and gives employment to many people. It must be in the system to save the travel industry. You just need to be a bit careful while booking the package. Find out a reliable travel agent and enjoy your holiday.

2. Rent a Bike in Goa: As far as know Goa is the oldest place in India that offers rent a bike service and this is the most popular way as well for youths among 05 different ways to explore Goa.

Rent a bike in Goa is so easy and affordable in Goa so anyone with a valid driving license can enjoy the service. There are so many shops on the roads from where you just go and rent a bike.

As India goes digital now you can also do the same over the internet as in advance. You can choose from Scooty to Royal Enfield as per your choice and budget.

Renting a bike in Goa has been a cool way to explore the city for the last many years and now on-trend. For any other service, it also has its pros and cons as below.

05 Different Ways To Explore Goa

Pros: A: It is one of the cheapest ways among 05 different ways to explore Goa.

B: Self-dependent way to explore as you are free to go anywhere.

C: You can explore deeply as with a bike you can visit places where buses and cars do not go normally.

Cons: A: You might be lost as routes will be new to you.

B: Not a very comfortable and luxurious way of exploring as will be moving around on a bike all the time.

C: Weather can also be a spoiler in this way.

3. Rent A Car in Goa: This is something new which goa offers you. As renting a car culture not very old in India as well as in Goa. This is a similar kind of way to explore as rent a bike. It is also not very expensive as hiring a taxi still will be expensive than renting a car.

This could be a great way to explore Goa if you want a personal car for yourself even there will be no driver to peep into your privacy. It’s quite a popular way among honeymooners as they need more privacy compare to families. Check-out the pros and cons below. Check Best Goa Hotels for Couple.

Pros: A: If you need privacy then this is the best way in 05 different ways to explore Goa.

B: Easy on pocket as less expensive compared to hiring a taxi.

C: Flexibility to roam around you can take this car anywhere in Goa. There will be no time and place limitation for you.

Cons: A: You might be lost as routes will be new to you.

B: You need to very careful about the car you rent as any harm to the car might spoil your budget and holiday.

C: You might be a bit tired of driving a car all day.

4. Cycle tour in Goa: Cycle and E-Cycle tours are on boom all over the world so how can we left behind. In India as well so many cities offer you cycle tours.

What is special about cycle tours is there is a company Blive which has curated some routes for cycle tours which include some hidden gems of Goa along with very popular sights of old Goa. Check-out the pros and cons as below.

Pros: A: It is a part of eco-friendly tourism so when you adopt a cycle tour at any destination it means you contribute to save nature.

B: Beneficial for your health as well if you are a fitness freak and loose-out your work-out when on holiday it could fulfill a bit of that.

C: You see a different part of Goa when on cycle as it takes you in the inner part of the Goa.

Cons: A: It could not be the right choice for you if you do not walk or cycle in your normal day-to-day life. It needs enough energy to cycle for half or a full day.

B: Weather could be the spoiler here like in rain you cant save yourself. In Summer it will be hot.

C: If You have kids with you then it could be very difficult to make them comfortable on a cycle.

5. Walking tours in Goa: This is one of my favorite among the 05 different ways to explore Goa. Walking tour is very popular in Europe because of the good weather people do not face any problem walking for a few hours. In Goa as well you can have a walking tour in winter it will be fine as the weather will be pleasant here.

It is also one of the cheapest ways to explore Goa. These tours can be arranged with the help of local travel agents, hotels, and guides. You may also curate your own route and can go on your own. Check-out the pros and cons below.

05 Different Ways To Explore Goa

Pros: A: Light on your pocket as they are not expensive.

B: You get a chance to see inner Goa and interact with local people. C: Flexibility for places to cover and time.

Cons: A: Language can be a problem if you are going on your own.

B: Need to be careful with the weather as walking in rain or sunshine cant be easy.

C: Chances of getting lost if you are going alone.

I hope the above article will help you to choose a way to explore Goa as per your chosen lifestyle. Let us know how did you explore Goa on your last trip or how would you if you are planning to go to Goa.

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