Five Ways To Beat Jet Lag

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Five Ways To Beat Jet Lag

If you’re a frequent traveler you probably already know about the bane of travel that we call jet lag. For the uninitiated, jet lag is the biorhythmic confusion in the body caused when you travel from one time zone to another. It’s the disoriented state where your body wants to sleep when it’s time to eat and vice versa. But worry not, you can fight this fiend by taking some simple measures. Here are Five Ways To Beat Jet Lag:

Five Ways To Beat Jet Lag

  1. Pre-planning

We all book our holidays or trips in advance. So when you book a flight to any destination which comes with a huge time zone difference, start making changes in your routine at least one week before travel. It is not possible to follow exactly the same time zone when you are at home but you can manage to tweak your sleep timing at least. This will really help you to tackle the new time zone when you arrive.

Five Ways To Beat Jet Lag

  1. Leave home well slept

Flying from one corner of the world to another without proper sleep may cause you jet lag. Your entire trip may be spoiled if you are not fresh and energetic to explore the place. So before you start traveling avoid late-night parties, alcohol and have proper sleep. Good sleep gives you the energy to start your day full of excitement. For sound sleep, you must have the right accessories in your bedroom. Like for me, my Fusion Mattress from SleepX is a great asset. And just sleeping is not enough, it also matters how fresh you wake up in the morning.

Five Ways To Beat Jet Lag

SleepX products are designed to give you healthy sleep, hence a healthy lifestyle. The fabric they use in their products comes with spill-repellent, anti-allergen, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Using this kind of stuff in your bedroom keeps illnesses at bay. Also, the Fusion Mattress is covered in a nano-tech treated fabric that’s easy to clean after a spill and keeps allergens, fungus and bacteria away from you. So you wake up fresher on your bed, day after day.

The Fusion mattress is a combination of sturdy 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) Ace Mattress and the 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) Smart Topper. It offers you three different choices of firmness variants, which means you always have an option that suits you. It comes with a replaceable Smart Topper which can be changed every year or as per your requirements. So you can make your mattress new any time you want.

You can also have a mattress as per your size as they are customized for you. What’s great about the Fusion Mattress is that it comes with a warranty of a whopping 12 years. But the icing on the cake for me was that the mattress came in a cool duffel bag that doubles up as a travel bag. It accompanies me on my wanderings across the globe now.

  1. In-flight rest

No doubt there might be some great movies to watch on board. But you can catch a flick at any time back home. Use your time on the flight to rest. Don’t forget to synchronize your watch to the new time zone when the pilot announces the landing.

Five Ways To Beat Jet Lag

  1. Push your limit

On arrival push your limit a bit if it is still day and try to stay awake until early bedtime of the local time zone. Keep yourself busy in exploring the place. Go for a walk or an excursion of your own along the local sites. It is one of the best tips among Five Ways To Beat Jet Lag. Check out how traveling makes you a better person.

Five Ways To Beat Jet Lag

  1. Medicine

This is the last option I advise. If, after taking all the measures mentioned above, you still cannot beat jet lag, consult your doctor.

Hope these Five Ways To Beat Jet Lag help you beat jet lag. Do tell us what you do to overcome jet lag and we will feature it on our blog.


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