How to Travel Around The World on Budget

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Do you want to know How to Travel Around The World on Budget? If yes then come with us in this post. Since when social media has spread its roots to the world and people are coming to know about so many new travel destinations. Travel becoming the dream of more and more people. Whoever affected by this travel virus carries a dream to travel the world but everyone can not afford the same. Here is your guide How to Travel Around the World on Budget.

How to Travel Around the World on Budget
Road to Your Dreams

No doubt it needs so much money to travel nowadays but by keeping some points in mind and taking some steps intelligently you can travel the world with a very low budget and could live your dream. Below are the points which can really help you How to Travel Around the World on Budget.

How to Travel Around The World on Budget

Plan Early Save Money : You must plan early to travel anywhere in the world. You can start one years or at least six months before your travel time. First of all freeze your flights if you going to travel by the same. Airlines increase the fare as they get the bookings day by day. This is one of the most important factor among tips How to Travel Around the World on Budget.

How to Travel Around the World on Budget
Fly High with Early Booking

Travel Period : Time of travel plays a very crucial role in your budget. Try to avoid peak time for any destination and visit during low season. It will not only help you to save some money you will also be able to explore the destination in better way. For example a 3* hotel in Dubai will cost you around 120 USD per night but the same you will get around 50 USD in low season of Dubai. Hotels plays a very important role in How to Travel Around the World on Budget.

How to Travel Around the World on Budget
Block your dates wisely

Accommodation : Accommodation plays a very important role in your budget. If you are a hardcore traveler and explorer then you will only enter in the room to sleep. So its always better to avoid luxury hotels. Try to find out some youth hostels and homestay. It will help you to save some money and will connect to more people. Nowadays most of the youth hostels provide all the basic amenities like Wi-Fi, Food, and a neat and clean room. You can also try Airbnb it is one of the most popular options among bloggers and travelers nowadays.

Find Out A Hostel
Find Out A Hostel

Transport: When you visit any new country or city transport is always needed. I will advise you to use public transport as much as possible. You can try local Trains. Metros, Trams, Bus, all these options are always cheap and give you more flexibility to explore the destination. By using this option you can plan your own itinerary and can spend time as per your choice. If you go with typical sightseeing tours neither you will explore much nor you save the money.

Use Public Transport
Use Public Transport

Food: Even Food can help you to save some money. Never have food in hotels until unless something very special cuisine do you get. Try to find out some small restaurant runs by families and local people they will offer you good food at the best price. You can also go with fast food like McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza some time to save money.

Have some Fastfood
Have some Fast food

Keep above points in mind and travel the world on budget and live your dream. I hope the above idea will really work for you How to Travel Around The World on Budget.

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  1. We all want to travel and eat on a budget. I try not to sacrifice our diet. with a family of four prices get up there. we like to wait till there a deal on air. Hotels tend to get expensive. we look for apartments.

  2. Travelling is for everyone in this day and age. And thankfully, you don’t to be loaded in order to travel. Very helpful tips for budget travel in your post.

    1. Thanks punita…

  3. Thanks for the tips, though i follow all the tips.However, I feel that, one must explore the local cuisine when in a new place, new country, specially the street food.Its cheaper and enables you to have a variety.

  4. Great tips! Agree with the food situation — though I have a diet that sometimes limit my choices of local food. And in certain countries, I do avoid their street food. Flight wise – most airlines today operate based on their yield. Buying early not necessarily mean you will get the cheapest deal and buying last minute sometimes won’t cost you as much 🙂

  5. Sheena

    I’m a seasoned DIY budget traveller & these are great tips – local transport is always the way to go or even better, just walk everywhere!

    1. ya Sheena local transport always give you more options to explore on budget..


    I’m the kind of person that will splurge on food and settle for cheaper accommodation. I don’t really go shopping when I travel anyway. Just for food 🙂 haha

    1. same here…

  7. Colleen

    I loved this post! I’m bookmarking it for later. I’m planning on going to Dubai this year and love that you mentioned it!

    1. Thanks for reading Colleen

  8. kellyn

    Thanks for posting. These are important tips for young travelers. I’m following you on Instagram now, so I will continue to keep up with your awesome travels.

    1. Thanks Kellyn for following…

  9. Carmen Baguio

    These are very good tips! We try to get the best deals of flights so we can go on as many tours as possible. Pinning this!

  10. Anthony

    Love your tips and very accurate. Very hard at times for me to avoid peak times since I have a couple of kids in tow, so sometimes in school holidays it has to be.



    Again, I am here. Thanks for your wonderful sharing and discussion. Your opinion and idea really very great. Thanks for your suggestion. Keep on good work. All the very best to you further ahead.

    Krishan Kargwal

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