Most Popular Places To Visit in Asia

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Asia is one of the fastest-growing tourism markets. The reason is friendly tourism plans and policies between the countries, Good connectivity, and weak currencies to the world. Asia has 06 cities out of 10 best visiting cities in the world for international visitors. Let’s explore Most Popular Places To Visit in Asia.

Most Popular Places To Visit in Asia


Thailand is a country that looks like it is right out of dreamland with its exotic beaches and various relaxing holiday spots with the backdrop of Nature’s pristine touch. The aesthetic beauty of this place has turned it into a hub for tourists from all parts of the world, especially those who are looking for a break from their hectic and stressful lives.Travel to Thailand

Many tour packages to Thailand are available which can be availed at optimum rates considering the peace of mind and soothing memories this wonderland in Asia has to offer to its tourists. This is also a famous bonus spot for those who have opted for Singapore.

The richness of the culture and tradition of this country overflows in the form of art, music, and dance- a sight truly to relish forever with loved ones. Phuket is a wonderful spot that deserves special mention, to spend a nice time with peace, love, and charm. The capital of this country, Bangkok, is famed for its shopping experiences, especially the intricately made handicraft products that are famous all across the globe. Thailand has something for everyone in Most Popular Places To Visit in Asia.


Singapore is yet another country that is a pride of the Asian continent.  Singapore honeymoon packages are quite a huge craze owing to the fact that this country seamlessly blends state of the art technology and comfortable facilities with rich culture, heritage, and protection of the natural forest cover. It is one of the best destinations for families in Most Popular Places To Visit in Asia.

Most Popular Places To Visit in Asia

Young couples and families flock here to lose themselves in all that this fantastic country has to offer. Explorers, adventurers, nature lovers, photography enthusiasts- everyone has something to take home from here!

This is a place where Indian culture, Chinese culture as well as Thai culture can be found sparsely among many others. As the skyscrapers adorn the sky, the last and first rays of the sun make the place look postcard perfect. There are many Singapore holiday packages to pick from depending upon your budget and time constraints. But the great news is that once you find yourself a package, all you ever have to worry about is packing, nothing else. Everything, down to the tiniest details will be taken care of and you can sit back and relax in luxury and peace of mind.

MalaysiaMost Popular Places To Visit in Asia

The third most visited place in Asia is undoubtedly Malaysia.  It is a storehouse of culture, attractions, and wonders and of course beaches to relax you. If you are traveling with kids, there can be no better holiday spot than this land of delight. Brimming with warmth and hospitality, the highlight of this place is that it provides a suitable platform for the western culture to meet the east, thus offering the best of both. Malaysia holidays are an increasingly popular choice for those looking for an exotic Asian experience. The historical sites also add a streak of attractiveness to the place. Food of various cuisines, from different parts of the world, can be relished here.

These three-holiday spots are among the Most Popular Places To Visit In Asia and boast of the huge tourism industry. Step in to lose yourself in the three pearls of Asia!


  1. Chris Garland

    Great list, would love to read more recommendations for places to see in Asia! In a couple of years we will be bike touring from Russia down through China and central Asia back to Europe. Some recommendations for natural landmarks would be great 🙂

  2. Sara Broers

    The beach in Thailand is calling my name. What’s not to love about sitting on a beach with a colorful umbrella and sand between your toes?

  3. Stefano

    What about the Great Wall of China? It’s the first thing it comes to my mind when I talk about Asia. =)

    1. Stefano, no doubt great wall of China is one of the most popular thing in Asia, But not possible to cover everything in post. I did not want a lengthy post for my readers… will surely write about that. Thanks for suggestion.

  4. Piyush Rai

    Nice one & some cool info but I am sure there are other places too… like Sri lanka & Bhutan would love to read your perspective about them too.

    1. Hi, Piyush
      will surely write about those places… Thanks for suggestion and read…

  5. Chiera

    Singapore and Malaysia and 2 places very high on my list! Hopeful wil be making it over there in 2017 ! 🙂

  6. Anthony

    Nice list. I have only really seen Thailand and still not as much as I would like to be honest.

  7. Sally

    These are definitely the most popular but my favourite is the Philippines, it is certainly becoming more popular with the tourist market!

    1. Yes Sally Philippines is beautiful…

  8. Megan Johnson

    Great post!! I am trying to plan soon to head to Thailand next year or the beginning of the next! I can’t wait to go !

  9. Elena

    Wow, that photo with the landscape from Malaysia looks so stunning! If I were to pick, that would probably be my first choice.

    Elena |

  10. Alice Chen

    How did you pick these “most popular places”? I don’t see China, Japan, or South Korea on these and I’m sure a lot of people go there!

    1. Dear Alice,

      I know Asia has so many more places like China, Japan and south Korea but here i was considering places which are most visiting by Indians.

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