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Hey, my name is Danish Akhtar An Indian Travel Blogger welcome to my travel blog.

I have been traveling the world since 2012 and finally decided in October 2015 to make this website to share my experiences around the world. I work to not only give you tips, tricks, and my personal insight for your own travel but save your time and money when you travel next. So I found Nomadic Foot-An Indian Travel Blogger | Danish AkhtarNomadic Foot-An Indian Travel Blogger | Danish Akhtar | Danish Akhtar

So a little about my story, I was born in Nagina, a small town in Uttar Pradesh India. I belong to a family of transporters or you can say drivers we are in this transport business since my grandfather.

My father is a truck driver so I have this traveling virus in my blood. I started traveling with my father on a truck as an assistant to him. So I have changed heavy tires of the truck, I have traveled for nights and days on Indian roads.

I always enjoyed these days of trucking there was a lot of fun and learning. So I decided at that time only that I need to see this world but not with a truck, I wanted to make those journeys a bit more comfortable and easy in terms of luxury and having some good experience. Education was the first step towards this plan.

So I completed my graduation and came to Delhi and got admission to the University of Delhi for my further study post-graduation. Give me some love on social media as below.




I Passed out from the University of Delhi in 2012 with a post-graduate diploma in travel and tourism management and decided that I needed to get some sort of career in that I can travel the world and could earn some smart amount of money.

So that I m here working as an assistant manager in a travel company besides that writing my experience of traveling which can help people. Nomadic Foot-An Indian Travel Blogger | Danish Akhtar


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