Explore Adventures River Rafting in Dandeli

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Dandeli is a small town situated on the banks of River Kali in the state of Karnataka (Uttar Kannada District). This place is bestowed with a fine blend of wildlife, scenic beauty, and adventure sports and is a great tourist attraction during monsoon, winter and summer months. There are several water activities including river rafting that enthuses tourists. Let’s Explore Adventures River Rafting in Dandeli with some other activities as below:

Water Activities in Dandeli

Kayaking: Kayaking is an activity that involves paddling a boat all by yourself through the gushing waters of a reservoir or backwaters. This is supposed to be one of the most loved activities in Dandeli.

Natural Jacuzzi Rapids: This activity is allowing the cool and soothing waters of the River Kali to massage your body through the natural Jacuzzi of the river. This is a top-of-the-list and one of the most delightful activities on offer.

River Crossing: This is one of the most unforgettable adventure activities you can enjoy in Dandeli. Here one needs to cross the River Kali by using a safety harness which is tied to a rope. It is a highly exciting but yet adventurous activity.

Zorbing: Zorbing can be fun all the way and it involves getting into an inflatable, transparent ball while you roll down on a level water surface.

Coracle Ride: It is one of the most enjoyable water activities in Dandeli as you travel down the Kali River in the around traditional boat called Coracle.

Explore Adventures River Rafting in Dandeli

Explore Adventures River Rafting in Dandeli

Dandeli is had picturesque countrysides that are blessed with natural beauty and therefore adds to the splendor of this place. The tourist destination is lush evergreen forest and has an abundance of flora and fauna you can ever imagine. This Uttar Kannada district is located over the River Kali in the Western Ghats and as such Dandeli River rafting is a very popular water activity and attracts many tourists from all over the country.

The rafting trail in Dandeli stretches up to 12km and actually has all the makings of an exciting and roller-coaster ride on the Kali waters. In fact, the rapids of rafting in river Kali can be classified as Grade 2 & 3 making it ideal for both professionals and inexperienced rafters. Though Grade 2 is a bit easy where you can be at ease with maneuver with little bumps and easy passages, the Grade 3 rapids are meant for the experienced ones.

However, the presence of trained instructors makes this activity a safe one both for amateur as well as those who are experienced. The Dandeli water rafting may seem dangerous, but actually, it is quite a safe activity and even non-swimmers can get onboard. This adrenaline pumping activity takes around 4 hours to complete.

Rafting adventure kicks off at around 9 am. You need to travel to the nearby village of Ganeshgudi, which is located on the outskirts of the town (45 minutes) and is a starting point. Do not have to feel jittery as you will be thoroughly instructed about the do’s and don’ts of rafting and also provided with safety equipment, life jackets, helmets, and pedals. Before you actually get on with the real rafting, there will be a pilot ride on a small boat just to get you acquainted with the rapids of water after which you can experience river rafting.

Explore Adventures River Rafting in Dandeli

To Explore Adventures River Rafting in Dandeli always keep your ears and eyes open and pay attention to what your leaders say and brief about the safety measures and precautions to be taken during rafting. There will be trained and professional rafters who will guide you before you go full tilt and plunge your boats into the rapids and experience this mind-numbing adventure that is packed with thrill and excitement to the hilt. Actually, as you head downstream this ride takes you through the rapids of Kali River and the entire exercise lasts for almost 90 minutes.

As you river raft the boats navigate over the underneath bumpy rocks, narrow passages and the whooshing surfs of this grand river and allows you to take full advantage of this power-packed experience. The grade 2 and grade 3 rapids of this river will guarantee that your stomach churns and as you turn and do backflips on the gushing waters it will definitely give you an experience of a lifetime.

Soak in the trill and exhilaration of this activity and take back with you the unerasable memories of this Dandeli River Rafting experience and pass on the good word even to your friends and other families who that they too can come here and Explore Adventures River Rafting in Dandeli.White Water River Rafting In Rishikesh

Best time to Explore Adventures River Rafting in Dandeli

October to January: This period is best to Explore Adventures River Rafting in Dandeli as the forest is lush green after the monsoon season and tourist flow is also good. Rafting is closed in monsoon as the river becomes choppy and dangerous for such activity due to heavy rains. In summer, most of the areas become dry and water levels also recede.

Cost to Explore Adventures River Rafting in Dandeli

Rafting may cost Rs 1500 to 2000 per person in peak season. For best rafting experience you can call tripraja.com website

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The entire experience of Dandeli water rafting is the one to be remembered forever. The four hours of rafting will leave you thrilled. The organizers will make you feel comfortable so that you can enjoy the entire rafting expedition to the hilt. Following their instructions is very vital as it is for your own safety. The rafting adventure in itself is full of thrills and spills and it will remain so till the end.

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