Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu

Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu
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Canyoneering is an outdoor activity for risk takers and adventure lovers. And, in the Philippines, it is best to do it in Badian, Cebu where the famous Kawasan Falls is at. Local and foreigners go to Badian, Cebu to experience this Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu heart-thumping activity.

Before the Trip…

Just a background of myself, I am now 29 years old. I used to be a daredevil when I was younger. However, age progression seems to have robbed my interest for thrill or danger.

But, when Dave who had gone to Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu before invited us, his cousins, for a bonding pursuit through canyoneering in Badian, I took the invitation. Anyway, I could see that there were worse scaredy-cats among the group. Surely, I would not be alone to cower. Also, I grabbed the opportunity to spend time with my relatives whom I got to go out only once in a blue moon.

Essentials for Canyoneering

Dave told us what to bring or wear. First, the GoPro camera was important. We had to document our victory in beating up the height of the falls. Or, to take a video the faces of those who were hesitant to jump off a fall – and make fun of them. Second, we had to wear closed, comfortable shoes, like sneakers or rubber shoes. Third, a dry bag would be helpful to keep your belongings safe and dry for the water dipping.

Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu

AND, bring all the courage you can muster and physical strength you can gather. Thus, prepare for this exploit. Before engaging in canyoneering, it is suggested you have exercise, doing stretching and cardio work, for at least a week or two. That way, you won’t get easily exhausted or won’t acquire muscle strain due to the moderately intense venture.

The Tour Operator

Twelve of us agreed on the canyoneering experience in Badian, Cebu. Dave booked Travel Cebu for us because they offer the best Cebu tour package. Since, according to him, that was the tour operator he and his friend had before. He said they are reliable and legitimate. We booked for the canyoneering adventure thru their Cebu Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls Package site.

Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu

The package includes private transportation, driver, tour guide, accredited/licensed canyoneering guide, breakfast, lunch, and everything relevant and needed for the tour. We could just sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip.

Traveling from the City to Badian…

Kawasan Falls is in Badian, which is in the South of Cebu. It is a three to four-hour drive from the city of Cebu. My cousins went to stay overnight at Dave’s condominium in Cebu City so we could all wake up on time. The trip was going to be really early.

A Toyota Grandia white van picked us at 4:30 am. Our friendly driver, Alfred, and the accommodating guide, Richard, showed.

Now off we went to the South…to Badian. When we arrived in Badian around 8:00 AM, we had lunch across the Kawasan Falls path. We had to be filled so our body had enough energy for the tiring and enjoyable undertaking ahead.

Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu

Now we were ready for Canyoneering! Every one of us looked excited. Four accredited canyoneering guides met us. Remember, there would be many local “guides” who would approach you. But, canyoneering is an activity that requires maximum safety. There had been many reports of injuries (even death)…but don’t let this trouble you…You would be secure in the hands of trained, accredited guides. Travel Cebu has licensed guides as partners there.

Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu

The canyoneering guides then provided us with canyoneering gears, life vests, and helmets. After, we were given instructions and safety precautions. Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu is a must do activity.

Traversing toward the Canyons

Before the real fun began, we had to walk for 15 minutes. Then, to jumpstart, a real action happened: we jumped off from a 10-meter cliff toward a clear, freshwater.

Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu

We swam through the majestic pool. Tracing the what seemed like a river. We had swung by the trees through a rope. Then, we jumped to countless mini falls. The scrambling along canyon trails gave us time to appreciate the wondrous nature.

Enjoying the Entirety of Kawasan Falls

There are three levels in Kawasan Falls. The third level is the final, bottom level, and the most fascinating among the others. Also, it is where the canyoneering ends. Before we got there, we had to jump through the first and second falls.

Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu

After about three hours, we culminated in the third level of Kawasan Falls. It has the most interesting Gatorade-blue water. Also, it is where you can have the highest jump – a whopping 40 feet!

We had our lunch which was included in the package. The foods were delightful. Then, we had 30 minutes more to enjoy swimming in the falls.

Going back to the City

We completed everything about 4:00 PM.  Reflecting on the day’s event, we truly enjoyed and felt satisfied with the whole thing. Canyoneering is a very wonderful adventure for family and friends. Plus, Kawasan Falls is an amazing Cebu tourist attraction you should see! come and enjoy Canyoneering Adventure in Kawasan Cebu.

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