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Heritage Village Dubai
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The best way to explore a destination is to know about its culture, history, and heritage. The most intriguing attractions in any place are always the ones related to its culture. These cultural destinations engulf hundreds and thousands of year’s history behind its walls and legends of the pride and hardships that serve as the founding pillars of the modern-day tourist attractions. Here we will explore Cultural Attractions in Dubai.

It’s not every day that you come across a city that has adapted the modern trends of the world so beautifully while keeping itself firmly rooted to the ground. Cultural attractions in Dubai- one of the most developed cities on earth are the perfect examples of how Dubai carefully preserves its humble Bedouin past.

Here are some of the best Cultural Attractions in Dubai that you must see to completely experience the soul of this glittering emirate.

Dubai Heritage Village :

Cultural Attractions in Dubai
Heritage Village Dubai

In the midst of the glittering skyscrapers and ultra-modern attractions, Dubai has created the Heritage Village that inspires the tourists to take a break from the present and take a sneak-peek into the past of Dubai when it was nothing but a humble Bedouin village.

The village gives you an experience of the local life of the villagers, their Islamic customs, costumes, traditions, professions, and craftsmanship. Almost all the respectable operators like Rayna tours include the tour of Heritage village as a part of your itinerary. You must take out an hour or two to see this humble yet significant place to get an insight into the culture of Dubai.

 Bastakiya Quarters : 

Cultural Attractions in Dubai
Bastakiya Quarter

Offering a glimpse of the many facades of the local life during the pre-oil era of Dubai, the Bastakiya quarters might be small but is, without a doubt, the most engaging neighborhood of Dubai. The history of the Bastakiya quarters goes back to the 19th century when the pearl and textile traders from Iran came and established these quarters for themselves.

From labyrinth lanes to the wind towers, art galleries to the ancient style merchant houses; the Bastakiya quarters is a destination that cannot be missed.

 Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding :

Cultural Attractions in Dubai
Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Whether you’re in Dubai for a day or for a month, Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding is a place you must visit. It is probably the best place in the entire emirate that introduces you to the world of Islamic religion, Arabic culture and Emirati cuisine in the most positive and innovative way.

Operating under the “Open doors. Open Minds” banner, the center there are various programs offered for the visitors, starting from the breakfast, lunch tours to evening sessions. Enjoy cultural awareness through traditional Emirati meals, heritage tours, Creekside tours, and Jumeirah Mosque visits with insightful information about the culture of the city.

Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort :

Cultural Attractions in Dubai
Dubai Museum

The main museum of Dubai and one of the most visited in the entire country, the Dubai Museum was traditionally built about 200 years ago in the late 1700s. It was further renovated and additional artifacts found during excavations were added. The museum beautifully displays regular everyday life of the early era Bedouin villagers through life-like recreational displays of the trading markets, houses, wind towers, etc.

The Al Fahidi fort is one of the oldest forts of UAE built in the late 17th century and the Dubai museum is located inside the fort. The fort houses various warfare ammunition including cannons that offer a glimpse of the protection the fort offered to the emirate of Dubai in earlier days. Built-in various phases, the fort during its best days have served as the king’s palace, a prison and also, a garrison.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House : 

Cultural Attractions in Dubai
Sheikh Saeed-Al-Makhtoums House

Built-in the year 1896, this house is the perfect place to understand the political and economic growth of Dubai from a small Bedouin fishing village to the biggest entertainment hub of the world. The house was the official residence of the ruling Al Maktoum’s family till the year 1958 and is now converted to a beautifully preserved museum receiving visitors all year round.

Not only do the tourists get an idea of the success chart of Dubai and the milestone decisions that changed the fate of the emirate but also take a peep into the royal residence and experience how the ruler and his family lived. The place houses various historical documents, maps, coins and stamps, and other excavated artifacts.

Souqs of Dubai : 

Cultural Attractions in Dubai
Gold Souk Dubai

While some may call the souqs of Dubai more of a commercial attraction, the souqs still have preserved the soul of the ancient trading style, and that’s exactly why whether or not you want to shop, a visit to these souqs in Dubai is a must. The most famous souqs of Dubai are the textile, perfume, spice and the world-famous Gold souq.

These traditional markets have their own vibe and feel of the bygone era. The vibrancy, the electrifying energy, the bargains, and the amazing traditional antique products together make them a must-visit place. These souqs are must visit if you love jewelry in Cultural Attractions in Dubai.

The emirate of Dubai is surrounded by various small emirates that are still untouched by the technological advancements and retain the age-old charm of the Arabian culture. Visiting small emirates like Umm al Quwain and Al Ain where life is still slow-paced and the main income source is pearl trading will offer more insight into the history and culture of the Arabs. So, next time you plan to visit Dubai, these Cultural Attractions in Dubai should definitely be a part of your itinerary for they are the only mirrors remaining of the rich history and cultural heritage of Dubai.

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  1. Doro

    Wow I had no idea that Dubai’s past culture is preserved that well – I just always had a picture of a very modern city in mind (that just changed though!). You are absolutely right about saying that the best way to expore & learn about a place is to learn about the culture & past – such a valuable part about traveling. The Bastakya Quarter looks really interesting, would love to visit it!

    1. ya Doro most of the people look Dubai as a modern city but they have preserved there culture as well.

  2. Aisha

    Yes! When I do finally make it to Dubai this will be my guide! Pinning for future reference 🙂 It is so refreshing to read content that showcases another side of the city, the traditions and architecture of the past. The towering buildings and all the glitz and glamour are lovely but I’m a big fan of the learning about origins so this posts speaks to me in a very major way. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for all your praises Aisha…

  3. Ticker Eats The World

    That’s a great post and shows a part of Dubai that many of us miss out on. Besides the souqs wasn’t aware that there we so many other options to explore the heritage of the region. And the simple yet elegant architecture of the houses/museums is so in contrast with the rest of the high rises of Dubai.

  4. Flo @ Yoga, Wine & Travel

    Such fantastic recommendations to learn about the history and culture of Dubai! I completely agree that a walk through the souk is unmissable, even if you don’t end up buying anything – all the colours, sights, smells must be amazing!

    1. Thanks for read Flo..

  5. Sudipto De

    Danish Bhai, your article to popularize the un glamorous part of Dubai is commendable indeed. I would indeed like to visit the house and the Bastakiya quarter to know more about the rich cultural history. How would you visit the other Emirates though?

    1. Sudipto Bhaijaan will update you in my future posts about other part of the Emirates. Thanks for read and meaningful thought.

  6. Vicky @ A Backpack Full of Adventures

    Thanks for the tips, Danish – I’m hoping to visit Dubai late next year or in early 2018, so definitely bookmarking this for future reference!

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