Ramadan-Best places to visit in India

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Have you been to India during Ramadan? If not and planning to come then you must know about Ramadan-Best places to visit in India. Ramadan is here one of the holy months for Muslims all over the world. The month in which Muslims keep the fast from sunrise to sunset and do not eat and drink anything but as the sun goes down and Muezzin read the Azaan then plenty of options for delicious foods are there in which some of the foods are only available in Ramadan. Let’s explore Ramadan-Best places to visit in India.

India celebrates Ramadan on a huge level you will see markets full of people shopping for Iftar and Sehri. It is a month of mercy from Allah so even people maintain love and mercy with each other this month. So many Non-Muslims host iftar parties and people participate with love and share a great bonding of love. Ramadan-Best places to visit in India.

Ramadan-Best places to visit in India

Entire India celebrates Ramadan full of heart but there are some places where it’s extra special and more enjoyable so check out Top Places To Visit In Ramadan In India below.

Ramadan-Best places to visit in India

Old Delhi: When you will visit old Delhi in Ramadan you will feel like no place is better than this to be in Ramadan in India. One of the biggest mosques in India is here known as Jama Masjid which gets some extra decoration during this month and you must attend an iftar in the mosque it will be an amazing experience.

When you step out of the mosque and walk toward the lane called Matia Mahal you will be stumped by the variety and quality of foods being offered there. Kareem’s, Al Jawahar, and Aslam butter chicken are some of the best places to eat. Along the way, you will find bakeries wooing the hungry with fruit cakes and puffs. You can also try Shahi Tukda (Bread with Desi Ghee and Malai) and Phenix (sevai) with milk in sweets. Also, check the best place to visit in old Delhi.

Ramadan-Best places to visit in India
People during Iftar in Jama Masjid Delhi

Lucknow: Anyone who loves food will visit the area around Akbari Gate and the Aish Bagh Idgah during Ramadan. These are the area where whole year options are available to have some delicious food but Ramadan makes them more visit-worthy with highly lighted shops which are open late night and options like fruit chaat, kabab, kulcha, nihari, paya, sheermal, kulfi, and phirni. Ramadan-Best places to visit in India.

Ramadan-Best places to visit in India

Hyderabad: TheCity of Nizam has always been a popular place for foodies and in Ramadan, it offers you something more. You have to try the Haleem (chicken, Mutton, Meat) a delicacy made only during the month of Ramadan and there are more people from other faiths than Muslims that throng the restaurant joints for this right after the fasting ends at sunset.

The colorful lanes around Charminar become busier in Ramadan, thanks to the thousands who march there for prayers and haleem. Another option for the haleem binger is Shah Ghouse, The restaurant is in Tolichowki which is quite old and popular. This is one of the best among Ramadan-Best places to visit in India

Ramadan-Best places to visit in India
Char Minar Hyderabad

Mumbai: On a Ramadan night Mohammad Ali road under the J. J. flyover is like a heaven for foodies apart from the regular chicken and Mutton dishes you will also find some special options which are only available in Ramadan like quail meat, Phirnis in Kesar, mango flavor, Mawa Jalebi, and a Masala drink with zeera. Ramadan-Best places to visit in India

Ramadan-Best places to visit in India

So in this month of Ramadan do not forget to visit the above places to experience of Ramadan in a highly decorated way.

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  2. Marghoob

    Good and really knowledgeable. I would love to visit these places.

  3. Monika

    Omg this phirnis looks sooo good. I loved Ramadan in Egypt and Morocco. Would.love.to.experience India too

  4. Genie | Gallivanting Bean

    This would be such an amazing experience to have. I’ll have to try to make it there one day

  5. SindhuMurthy

    Iftar is such an amazing concept. I myself have been a part of quite a few parties and I love how people bond with each other. From your post, I really love the picture of families sitting together in front of the mosque to have food.

  6. Stephanie Fox

    The bakeries you mention sound very tempting! What beautiful colourful food dish too

  7. Sandy N Vyjay

    Nice round up of some vibrant places to visit during Ramadan. Indeed during Ramadan, these places and many others around India transform into a dazzling melting pot of culture and cuisine.

  8. Adrenaline Romance

    Muslim architecture is incredibly beautiful and graceful. I love how the sunset shines over the Jama Masjid. Very serene and spectacular.

  9. Marky Ramone Go

    I love India and what could be a great time to come back for a third time to this beautiful country than on Ramadan time 🙂

  10. Iza Abao

    I can’t help but wonder if they also serve these awesome foods when it is not Ramadan. I would like to have a food tour at the places that you have mentioned. The phirni looks delicious and I love pistachios. I would try to find this here in the Philippines.

    1. Dear Iza, most of the foods are available without Ramadan as well.except few like Phirni…

  11. Punita Malhotra

    Since we stay in Delhi, we have planned a visit to the Jama Masjid this Ramadan. Hope to delve deep into the magical atmosphere and savour some famed street food appropriate to the occasion. Your pictures are inspiring.

    1. I go every year at least for one iftar in jama masjid. this year also will go in mid of the ramzan on weekend. i will also advise you to attend a iftar in jama masjid. it will be a great experience. you can join us if dont mind…

  12. Reebex | Recovering Hippie

    I forget how much I miss India until I read your posts. New Delhi was once of my favourite places and that photo at sunset is absolutely breathtaking. I always have a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and it is so lovely to read about these places with some cultural context.

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