What to wear while traveling on a holiday

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When we start planning for our holiday or any other travel we research a lot about destination, hotels, transport and choose everything very carefully. But most of the time many travelers forget about the right clothes to carry. So many people get confused about what to wear while traveling on a holiday. Like all other things as hotels, transportation, food right clothes also play an important role in a memorable holiday.

Confused about what to wear while traveling on a holiday ?

What to wear while traveling on a holiday

Today in this post we will share our experience of traveling to different destinations with the right choice of clothes. You need to be very careful while packaging your dresses for any destination. Please check the below points before going to any destination what to wear while traveling on a holiday. Below are some points which you must keep in mind before and while traveling for What to wear while traveling on a holiday.

What to wear while traveling on a holiday
  1. Research about destination weather: Before packaging your clothes for your holiday first of all research about weather condtions of the destination or place you are going to visit. Destinations changes the weather with time as well. So check weather conditions as per your visiting time. One country can have different tempreture at one time for different cities. Like India have diffrenet tempreture in norts and south at same time.

It happens to us when we were in Uzbekistan I was leading a corporate group. The weather was not very cold in capital Tashkent and the next day we were supposed to go for a day trip. Our local guide did not update us about weather conditions there. So everyone was wearing normal clothes, not warms. But once we reached that place it was so cold there and everyone was shivering. It was such a bad experience for us.

What to wear while traveling on a holiday

2. Research about local culture and traditions: Before traveling to any destination or place do not forget to search and read about their culture and traditions. Some countries and places do not allow some kind of dresses like in India if you are visiting a temple you must wear clothes which can cover your body properly. Shorts or revealing clothes are not allowed. If you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or in any Muslim country and visiting a mosque you must cover your entire body. So if you have any religious places in your itinerary so do not forget to keep some dresses as per the place.

3. Keep events & activities in mind: Some time we travel to participate in some kind of events like Tomatino or Bull race in Spain, A Beer festival in Germany, Holi in India, Songkran in Thailand, Carnival Rio de Janeiro and many more. So choose your clothes as per the event’s nature or tradition. Right clothes for the right event will make your joy double.

What to wear while traveling on a holiday

4. Research about local fashion & trends: To be comfortable at any destination you must be familiar with local foods culture and fashion. You can keep some space empty for clothes which you can fulfill by buying local trending and fashionable clothes. Wearing local fashion and traditional dress will give you a home feel there. Following local culture also make the host country happy and proud and you contribute to local employment.

5. Research about destination nature & choose: Carry your wardrobe as per the destination nature. For Example, if you’re visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other country in the United Aran Emirates. All these countries are hot in nature so when traveling to these destinations carry cotton or linen kind of clothes. To buy some very good quality unstitched cotton and linen you can try Fabcurate. I like the quality of the clothes here. It can help you with What to wear while traveling on a holiday.

What to wear while traveling on a holiday

If you are traveling to a cold destination like Europe, Russia, Finland, Iceland, or any other country where nature is cold so choose your warm clothes very carefully. These countries are very cold especially in winters so your normal warm clothes might not warm you enough.

The third type of destination could be rainy. Like places in India Kerala, Meghalaya receives very heavy rain in the monsoon. weather changes here rapidly. it could be hot and humid after some time it can be rain and a bit cold. So for this kind of destination carry rains suites and light warm clothes as well.

Hope all the above points will really help you to choose the right kind of clothes. What to wear while traveling on a holiday. Which will make your holiday more memorable and safe for your small kids. let us know in the comment box if you have some good ideas in your mind for choosing the right clothes for your holiday.

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