7 Best Sustainable Travel Destinations For 2021

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Sustainable development is the only way to preserve the tranquility of nature for future generations. Nowadays, durable and eco-friendly travel emerges to be the new trend. This takes into account the travel experiences that promote the environment, culture, and heritage of travel destinations.

There are certain places that abide by top-notch tourism practices. Not only do they enhance the travel experiences of the visitors, but they also promote the cultural diversity of their native region. The tourism sector needs to implement sustainable travel practices for every journey all over the globe.

Keep reading to know the 7 Best Sustainable Travel Destinations that boast eco-friendliness, rich diversity, and an eloquent fauna.

1.  Costa Rica, Central America

Best Sustainable Travel Destinations

If there’s one place that sticks to the ecotourism practices, then that is Costa Rica to come in Best Sustainable Travel Destinations. The lush-green rain forests, beautiful waterfalls, and varied fauna remain undisturbed for decades.

What’s even more surprising is that the annual visitors’ turnover is much higher in this country. For all the travel junkies who like to explore nature in its aesthetically appealing forms, the peaceful biodiversity parks in this region are the right choice.

You can also unveil the treasures of the natural parks like Arenal Volcano National Park, Coco Island, and Tortuguero National Park. Along with this, try exploring the sculpting volcanoes, huge caves, and architectural marvel of the region. You might also explore the spiritual and salubrious yoga tours prevalent all over the country.

2.  Oslo, Norway

Best Sustainable Travel Destinations
Oslo Sculpture Park

Here’s the city that received the European Green Capital back in 2019. Sustainability is nothing less than a lifestyle for the citizens of Norway. Which makes it perfect to be in the list of Best Sustainable Travel Destinations. From large businesses to environmental departments,

Every sector promotes projects that add to nature’s well-being. Also, the city is already on the goal of neutralizing the carbon dioxide levels till 2050. With the geothermal wells and solar power plants in abundance, you are likely to become much more sustainable after this travel voyage.

Apart from sustainability, you can enjoy many water sports in Norway. If you like to observe the marine flora and fauna, try the kayaking experience on the fjords waters. When bored, take your cargo roof rack and consider camping under the star-packed skies. You might also go for a life-changing trekking experience on the famous Norwegian mountains.

3.  The Azores, Portugal

For all the travelers who wish to cover up the Best Sustainable Travel Destinations worldwide, The Azores has to be the top choice. Being included amongst the Global Sustainable Destinations, you are likely to experience the best eco-friendly measures during the exploration.

You might also observe renewable energy plants like geothermal, wind, and solar energy more often. However, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to stay away from the city’s flora and fauna.

The Azores currently has more than 50 wildlife protected areas, especially the ones where endangered animals reside. But, you can always experience the beauty of turquoise waters and breath-taking mountains from a distance.

4.  The Isle Of Eigg, Scotland

the isle of Eigg Scotland

Islands contain the most diverse wildlife along with spectacular vegetation. One such island is The Isle of Eigg in Scotland, preserved from human intervention by the residents.

Owing to the strict sustainable practices, the island has a full-fledged grid that renews electricity. It deserves to be in Best Sustainable Travel Destinations.

Travelers who like to gaze upon the unique fauna must travel to this ecstatic location on the premises of Scotland. You can go on a wildlife-spree to observe cuckoos, whales, and eagles.

Or, maybe explore the turquoise beaches filled with serenity and cool breeze. Either way, make sure to stick to the sustainability rules as advised by the tourism managers.

5.  Ecuador, South America

Natural rights are a prerequisite to understanding the need for sustainable development. Ecuador seems to have figured out the importance of nature’s right long back.

The country is among the very few countries to recognize these rights and receive the Green Destination Travel Awards for the same. So how can we miss it to include in Best Sustainable Travel Destinations?

With the never-ending tropical greenery and wildlife-rich islands, you are likely to experience nature at its best here. Make sure to take a walk and play with the lazy seals at the Galapagos Islands. You might as well book the luxurious yet eco-friendly lodges in the city for a fulfilling trip.

6.  Uruguay, South America

When talking about sustainable travel regions, Uruguay deserves to occupy a place on the list of Best Sustainable Travel Destinations. The country takes sustainable development and renewable energy generation seriously. Owing to these eco-friendly practices, the citizens receive electricity built out of the waste products generated by them.

As a traveler, you get to experience the tranquility of green coasts and hippie enclaves. You might also experience a romantic dining well-lit with candles and other energy-saving sources of illumination. While in Uruguay, you can also get your hands on the purest cannabis as the plant is legal here.

Visitors like to explore the coasts like Rambla de Montevideo. If you’re a sommelier, you can also explore the famous vineyards and Pizzorno Family Estates’ wineries. Other wineries to try for an eloquent wine-tasting experience are Varela Zarranz Winery & Bodega Boutique El Legado.

7.  Curitiba, Brazil

Best Sustainable Travel Destinations

On your quest to explore the environment-friendly places, make sure to experience the wonders of Curitiba. Being one of the most eco-friendly places all over the globe, you might get to enhance the environmentalist inside you during the voyage. With the top-notch program encouraging the exchange of green resources,

particularly food and recyclable materials, this city is all set to preserve the resources for the upcoming generation and deserves to be in Best Sustainable Travel Destinations.

These environment-friendly practices not only keep the city clean but also prevent the occurrence of natural disasters and hazards. One such future-oriented practice in the region is to recycle the sheep dung and recycle it for preparing the biogas. Further, this makes way for the other usable forms like electricity.

When in Curitiba, make sure to explore the Botanical garden and the Tangua park. Other than this, you might observe the intricacies of the Wire Operahouse. Don’t forget to fetch a token of love for your loved ones from the famous Curitiba City Market.

Final Verdict

Nature is the only asset towards healthy humanity and never-ending biodiversity. To maintain the resources for your future, you must preserve them in the present.

That’s when sustainable travel goals help in promoting future-friendly aspects. Travelers who are fond of nature-preserving techniques like to explore sustainable places worldwide.

From the astounding wildlife of Galapagos Islands to the natural beauty of Isle Of Eigg, you must study every other environment-friendly site.

Refer to the list of top seven sustainable places all over the globe and head out to unveil your favorite one’s treasures. Hope you are going to visit some of them in Best Sustainable Travel Destinations.

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