Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

most popular honeymoon destinations in the world
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With the wedding season around the corner, are you looking for Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations? there is a buzz of activities among the to-be grooms and the brides. Apart from the elaborate wedding preparations, there is also the honeymoon plans to be taken care of.

With several exotic and high-end honeymoon packages offered by leading tour operators, the options are wide and so are the prices high. If you are looking forward to a two weeks dream break you may have to spend anything between £4000 to £7000 that you can think of making up by asking the guests to contribute to it instead of buying gift articles.

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Here is a comprehensive list of 5 top and Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations of the world that you can consider as the idyllic break for your wedding.

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Magic Mauritius Calling

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

The island country is washed by the clear blue waters of the sea wash the white sandy beaches creating a dream-like ambiance with the coconut trees swaying in the wind, the lush inner greenery is carved out of crags and ridges. The Mauritius holiday packages are sure to cover all of this as the island is more than the ordinary play of the beach and the pool. Sophisticated resorts with spas, fine dining, and nonparallel hospitality are sure to make your honeymoon picture perfect.

The mesmerizing Maldives

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

The Republic of Maldives is situated along the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is truly popular merely because of the beautiful and wonderful white sandy beaches surrounding them. Tourists find this beautiful place of the world adorable that is why many of them come to the Maldives each year. Maldives Holiday Package will be your great escape from sheer exhaustion that modern lifestyle brings. Check out how much budget you need for the Maldives. This is one of my favorite in Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations.

Caribbean Islands Woo

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

The cluster of the Caribbean islands is a haven for honeymoon makers from all parts of the world. Even those who consider booking a Mauritius honeymoon package are sure to weigh the options on the islands. The tiny island of Anguilla is a good choice for those that wish to spend a quiet, relaxed, and laid back holiday in the midst of the amazingly beautiful natural beauty as the mark of their new life.


Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Now Dubai became a favorite destination for Honeymoon and wedding makers also. Dubai has a seemingly endless variety of unique vacation opportunities, top sightseeing tours and popular tourist attractions including Luxury Dinner in the Desert Experience, Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai & for more Take a look at the top Sightseeing tours & things you simply must do when enjoying Dubai holidays.

Santorini, Greece Glamor

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Santorini is a part of a group of five islands in the Aegean Sea that is loved by honeymoon makers because of the picturesque locale and the untamed works of nature. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway with your newlywed with the picturesque white and blue buildings that give the island an ethereal appearance. Greece is situated between the Ionian and Aegean seas and it is a destination that has a lot to do and sightseeing to offer its visitors. I do not think anybody can say no to Santorini in Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations.

South Africa Undefined

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

For a honeymoon with a difference, you can head for South Africa that will give you a combination of experiences. While the plush cities offer sophisticated options of premium wine tasting, you can combine it with a safari tour to add the special splash. The location being ideal, you can also combine South Africa Holiday Package with your Mauritius tour to make your honeymoon extra special.

Vibrant and Versatile Australia

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

The amazing country with the coral reefs and the diverse natural beauty is one that can give you an experience of a lifetime and is no doubt a popular choice as a honeymoon destination. Australia holiday Package is a perfect package for those who want to make their honeymoon extraordinary. The lovely Oz is one of the best places to stay in where you can enjoy the romantic moments with your sweetheart watching the sunset while sipping wine.


  1. Swati & Sam

    This is a great list of places for anyone searching for their honeymoon destinations. We spent our honeymoon at Maldives and simply loved it. I think Seychelles and Bali should also make it to the list, they are an amazing honeymoon destination with so many activities and so many beautiful resorts.

    1. Ya Swati & Sam Bali and Seychelles also great destinations for honeymoon. I will surely write about them.

  2. The Travel Ninjas

    Fantastic list of honeymoon destinations. South Africa has been a dream holiday for some time. That would be our first choice.

  3. EG III

    Beautiful destinations…all with their own unique flavor that make the equally as special.

  4. Joaquim Miro

    I’d also add a few of the places people should go for their honeymoon. Namely Palawan in Philipines, or San Blas Islands in Panama 🙂

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Joaquim, I will surely check them.

  5. Harsh Gupta

    We spent our first anniversary in Maldives though for honeymoon we went to Ibiza. But definitely Maldives is way far choicest honeymoon destination. Would love to visit Greece.

  6. Vicki Louise

    Luckily I’ve already been to Dubai, Mauritius & South Africa (and I live in Aus) so that just leaves the Maldives and Santorini for my list, although I’d just love to visit – no honeymoon required!

  7. Jackie Taylor

    What a great list! I would love to visit any of these destinations! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  8. Bella WW

    All these destinations are absolutely divine and perfect for a honeymoon. However, I would like to visit them even before this event. My favorites are Mauritius and Maldives. The photos are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for reading Bella…

  9. Andrea Thompson

    This is such a helpful article! My sister is getting married next year and actually said she wasn’t going to go on a honeymoon! I couldn’t believe it, I’m definitely passing this along and it will give her the inspiration she needs!

    1. Thanks Andrea…

  10. Maria

    Our honeymoon was in the Greek Islands, but I would repeat it in any of the other places. Great suggestions!

    1. Thanks for read Maria…

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