Best Places to Celebrate Valentine Day in Delhi

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February is a month of love and so many days are like. You must be looking for Best Places to Celebrate Valentine Day in Delhi.

Rose Day (07 February )

Propose Day (08 February)

Chocolate Day (09 February)

Teddy Day (10 February)

Promise Day (11 February)

Hug Day (12 February)

Kiss Day (13 February)

Valentine day (14 February)

to hang out and spend quality time with your love and life partner. Among all days Valentine’s day is the most celebrated day in the world and in Delhi as well.

Check out Best Places to Celebrate Valentine Day in Delhi.

  1. Hauz Khas Village: Hauz Khas village is one of the best places to hang out with your love any time. Valentine’s day makes it more worthy of so many offers for the couple in Discos, Restaurants, and Bars. It is a complete destination with a beautiful lake and a park to sit with your love. You will find a touch of history as well with a Hauz Khas Complex. You can sit around the lake with your love in your arms and see a beautiful sunset. You can it is one of the best places among Best Places to Celebrate Valentine Day in Delhi.
    Sunset at Hauz Khas Lake
    Sunset at Hauz Khas Lake

    Hauz Khas Complex: This complex is situated along with the Lake (Hauz-e-Alai) which was constructed during the reign of Alauddin Khilji. The water was collected by rain only and was used by locals during the whole year. In the complex, you will also find a Madarasa-e-Firoz Shahi (school). This was an institution for higher education at that time. Firoz Shah chooses this place to build his own tomb here.WP_20160207_027

    After visiting all these you can go for the unlimited option of Discos, Bars, and have a romantic dinner with your love. Options are unlimited to for cuisine and Bars.


Here you will find good places to sit with your love and can spend quality time together look at below lovebirds. So this place has to be on the list of Best Places to Celebrate Valentine Day in Delhi.


2. An Evening at India Gate: India Gate is one more place to spend a beautiful evening with your partner. Just hold your partner’s hand and have a romantic walk on Rajpath and feel the love. India gate is always very popular among lovebirds. In the evening when lights turn on and you are sitting in the garden and enjoy an ice cream with your love. All these things make this place worth a visit on this day of love. India gate is one of my favorites to celebrate Valentines day from Best Places to Celebrate Valentine Day in Delhi.

Best Places to Celebrate Valentine Day in Delhi
Rajpath India Gate

3. Connaught Place: It would not be wrong if I say Connaught place is the heart of New Delhi. It is one of the biggest commercial, financial, and business center. It is also known as CP as a short form of Connaught place. Connaught Place has so many Discos and bars for party lovers. For movies you can enjoy here PVR, Odien and Plaza and one single-screen theater is also here named Regal which reminds your old days of single-screen cinemas.

It does not make any difference what kind of food you like because in Connaught place you will find everything like Indian, Mughlai, Italian, Chines, South Indian, North Indian, Veg, Non-Veg fast food, etc. All the fast-food chain like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s is here and budget is not an issue here because you can have food here from INR 50 to INR 5000 for one meal. Do not forget to taste something from this very famous like A Paan near Odien Cinema, Milk Shake at Shake Square, Pastries at Wenger. so this Valentine just goes there and fall in love.

Connaught Place

4. Garden of Five Senses: Its a park situated in Saket near Qutub Minar. Park was developed by DTTDC. Park is spread to 20 acres of land with a great option for leisure. The Garden has been designed to the imagery suggested by the name Garden of Five Senses. Colour, fragrances, texture, and form all come together in an evocative bouquet that awakens the mind to the beauty of life and invokes a grateful prayer for the gift of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. This garden is already so popular among love birds and date on Valentine’s day will make it more special so it deserves to be in the list of Best Places to Celebrate Valentine Day in Delhi.

Garden of Five Senses
Garden of Five Senses

So Valentine day is here just go have a lovely time with your love.

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  2. Thank you very much sir… i will definitely do…

  3. Taiss -

    Wow so many days for showing love in India! I think I would love the Five senses park! looks peaceful :)_

  4. Josie

    I haven’t been to India (yet! Going later this year ?), but I have never thought of Delhi as a romantic city so it’s good to see these suggestions. Sunset at Hauz Khas lake looks beautiful.

  5. Flo @ Yoga, Wine & Travel

    I did not know about all the other days preceding Valentine’s Day! Chocolate Day sounds amazing. These are some great V-Day ideas – thanks for sharing!

  6. Claire

    Sounds lovely! I had no idea Delhi was such a romantic city! I think the gardens would be my fave

  7. Kelly

    New Delhi looks amazing!! I love your photo of the gate. Had no idea valentine’s day was so big there.

  8. Lauren

    My perfect romantic getaway is Aoraki Mt Cook National Park in New Zealand, isolated in the perfect place in the world.

  9. Sara - I do what I want to

    That is an intense week to plan!!! But it sounds really romantic 😉

  10. Mike

    Very lovely post and really thoughtful. I hope it helps lots of people. Me and my gf won’t be in Delhi during this time unfortunately. I think the Hauz Khas village looks especially romantic.

  11. Sandy N Vyjay

    HKV is perfect for celebrating valentine. Specially during the evening , the sunset is worthwatching.
    There is many fun places to explore in hauz khaz and also in CP The 5 Senses Gardern is relatively new and I would love to visit it, when next time I am there.

  12. Punita Malhotra

    Of late, there has been a surge of interest in the fort and lakeside part of Hauz Khas Village. The area has so much potential, which can be tapped much more. I’m thinking…revamp of the promenade around the lake.

  13. wheninmyjourneys

    I would love to visit India someday. There are a lot of cool places to see. India Gate looks perfect.

  14. Sheri

    I think it is great that there are so many days dedicated to love even though we should show it daily. Garden of five senses sounds awesome.

  15. Anita

    I didn’t know that there are so many love days to celebrate in February and you have really great ideas how to do that! Happy Valentine!

  16. Harsh Gupta

    Garden of five senses is my favorite. While dating I and my wife use to go there many times. It would be lovely revisiting those days by paying a visit again. Hauz Khas Village is also amazing!

  17. Carola

    So interesting! I didn’t even know about all these other “Love Days” 🙂

  18. Kallsy

    We need to up our Valentine’s Day game! I didn’t realize there were so many days that led up to Valentines. I personally would like to visit the Garden of 5 Senses.

  19. Shernice

    Interesting read! Your post is very informative. This is something new that I learned today. Thanks for sharing that information. One of my greatest dream destination is India. I hope that I could visit one day. 🙂 Cheers!

    1. Thanks Shernice for read…

  20. Caitlin

    So many of these places look wonderful. The India Gate at night is absolutely beautiful! Are many of these places close enough in proximity to go to one or two on one date?!

    1. yes Caitlin all the places are not very far away from each other. India gate and Cannought Place are on walking distance.

  21. Melissa

    Aw, you came up with so many fun destinations. I’ve never been to India, but I feel like it’s been popping up more frequently. I’d love to see India Gate sometime.

  22. Emily

    I didn’t know that there were so many romantic days in February! I’d like to see these places, especially Five Senses Garden.

  23. Dmitriy

    Thank you for these wonderful suggestions. Couple years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to visit New Delhi for 4 days. This was unique and one of a kind travel experience full of memories, impressions and emotions.

  24. Erica - The Manini Experience

    I love hearing about holidays like this in other countries! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Would you mind if we link to you in a post we have coming up in a few weeks about Valentine’s Day around the world?

    1. Hi Erica, Yes you can give my link. I will be happy to see that post once you published please ping me.

  25. Anna Sherchand

    Wo La La ! It seems like Delhi is the place to be this Feb 14th! I’ll share this with my friends in Delhi. thanks for writing 🙂

  26. Victoria Hawkins

    I’ve never been to India, the land of my ancestors. One day I hope to visit and fall in love with the country!

  27. Anne

    Wow there are so many cute love days?? 😀 why didnt I know about this? Thanks for sharing before February starts 🙂

  28. SindhuMurthy

    Wooh.. I didn’t know there were so many days to celebrate love, like a timetable 🙂 I would definitely love to visit the India gate irrespective of the time of the year.

  29. Diana - MVMT Blog

    India Gate looks gorgeous lit up at night! Anywhere with bright lights like that is romantic to me 🙂 And the white pillars of Cannaught Place are quite romantic as well. Very timely article- thanks for sharing.

  30. Sheena

    Wow, I had no idea that Valentine’s was a whole week of celebration in Delhi! Does this apply all over India? A city or country of love, that’s for sure! I like to keep things simple so my pick of the list would be just having a stroll at India Gate & people watching 🙂

  31. Madhurima Maiti

    A smart post especially when Valentine’s Day is in the corner 😀 Nice effort compiling some of the best places in Delhi.

  32. Paula Morgan

    Wow, I had not heard of some of those love days. I think I would choose the India Gate in Delhi if I was lucky enough to be there on Valentines day.

  33. Sam Sparrow

    I love this wonderfully romantic list! I wish I could be celebrating Valentine’s Day somewhere special!

  34. Anja / Womanhattan

    Love should always be celebrated 🙂 It is so nice to see these places.

  35. Travellingdany

    I love the romantic ideas you offered! Especially an evening to the India Gate, it reminds me a bit of Paris!

  36. Only By Land

    I’d love to spend valentines with my daughter, but in Delhi if we were there and I had to make a choice from your list. I’d choose the garden of five senses so she could play. On a date with a beautiful woman I’d choose a stroll to India Gate

  37. Leslie

    Wow all these places look so romantic! I am very interested to know more about the Garden of Five Senses. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  38. Marisa Martin

    Wow I had no idea there were that many days of love in February! I thought it was just Valentines Day 🙂

  39. LC of Birdgehls

    Rose day happens to be my birthday and I happen to like the idea of the whole month being a month of love. It’s good that Delhi has so many places where lovers can celebrate their day together!

  40. Pascal Panagiotidis / Truevoyagers

    I guess I won’t be in India anytime soon, but if I were I would definitely follow your recommendations. Hauz Khas Complex looks really interesting!

  41. Alberto C.

    It’s nice to see that Dheli also has its romantic places, usually the stereotype is that of a chaotic city but these places look lovely!

  42. Bruce Schinkel

    Thanks for this great list of ideas … I’m sure my wife will be thanking you on our next trip to the area as well!

  43. Eryn

    I had no idea about all those different days in February! Sounds like such a nice time of the year 🙂

  44. LJ Legend

    I can tell that there is a lot of love in India! I think chocolate day would be my best day. Great post and great ideas.

  45. Coralie - Frenchie Globe Trotter

    Ahahah, funny post !
    I was living in India last year and that’s why I laughed :p I was in Mumbai though. I don’t like Haus Khaz Village at all. I thought it was crowded with drunk people and I don”t think it’s romantic at all for Valentine’s day for a girl, but hey it’s just my opinion. I prefer your other options much better 😉

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