Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi

Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi
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Delhi officially the capital of India is a union territory of India. The city is spread to 1484 square kilometers. As per the 2011 census more than 11 million people reside in Delhi. It’s a city that will give you a glimpse of entire India. Delhi is a rich city in terms of history and architecture. It has three Unesco world heritage sites and much more architecture from the time of Mughals. It has some best-shopping markets. I will explain to you today’s Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi.

It has one of the biggest markets for dry fruits and spices. It has one of the best and profitable metro networks in the world. It is a city that has something for everyone, for example, you can have accommodation from INR 1000 to INR 100,000 for one night. You can have a meal for INR 50 only or you can spend thousands if you want. Delhi is a city that will not disappoint anyone. It has a lot of things to offer you to fall in love with it. Here are I will show you Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi.

Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi
An Evening at Hauz Khas Village

1. Hauz Khas Village: This is the best place to hang out with your partner or friends from evening to midnight. The place is very much popular among couples and party lovers who love to visit pubs and discs. Hauz Khas village is a big complex along with a lake and some ruined monuments from Mughal time in India. You will also encounter here so many deer because of a deer park here along with this complex.

If you are visiting this place in the evening so you can see a lovely sunset here by sitting along with the lake. As Sun goes down this place turns into heaven for party lovers. This place has so many pubs and discos which turn this place alive in the night. Pubs and discos are not very expensive here and offer some really good deals for couples. You will see here so many lovebirds spending some time here holding the hand of each other or cuddling. You may also encounter some couples going beyond the hug and kisses. This is one of my favorites in Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi.

Add: Hauz Khas Village, Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, 110016 MAP FB WEBLINK 

Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi
Red Fort in Night

2. Light and Sound Show at Red Fort: Every evening except Monday Delhi offers you a spectacular light and sound show at Red Fort. This show is all about Delhi. The show will take on the journey of Delhi in history. You will see the time of Pandavas when Delhi was found and a name was Indraprastha than it will come to the British era with a short explanation of Mughal rule in India.

It’s a show which explains to you about the fall and rise of Delhi with beautiful use of light and sound on the walls of Red Fort. This is a historical way in Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi.

This is an hour-long show in English and Hindi language. Show held in open area so weather can interrupt the show anytime be prepared for that. There is one more option for another light and sound show in Delhi which is at Old Fort. Old Fort is the oldest architecture in Delhi it is almost five thousand years old monument.

Here you can enjoy one more fabulous light and sound show. This show is about a connection of ancient Delhi with modern Delhi. The show will explain to you the feature of the fort which was ruled by different rulers and had a great impact on that. It is also an hour-long show held in English and Hindi. 10 Best sites to Download Movies

Add: Netaji Subhash Marg, Lal Qila, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi 110006 MAP FB WEBLINK

Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi
Aslam Butter Chicken

3. Food Walk of Old Delhi: Old Delhi is the area which was developed by Mughal emperor Shahjahan around Red Fort and Jama Masjid. Nowadays old Delhi is the best place for non-vegetarians you can say it’s a heaven for non-vegetarians. Food walk of old Delhi is like a delicious way of spending a night in Delhi in Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi.

As sun says goodbye to you and stars start shining in the sky this place becomes a center of attraction for food lovers. It has some of the oldest and best restaurants for non-vegetarian food like Mughlai, Indian. You can have options for the different cuisine of Chicken, Mutton, and Buffalo Meat.

Dishes are like Chicken fried Tandoori, Butter Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Chicken Tikka and many more. You can also have Mutton Korma, Mutton Nihari, Mutton Chap and many more. You can also have Kabaab made by Mutton and Buffalo meat.

Beside all these foods you can also enjoy some great street food here in old Delhi. One of the famous street foods here is “Shahi Tukda” it is a dessert which is made with pieces of bread and cream with sugar. Check out the best places to visit in old Delhi.

Add: Near Red Fort and Jama Masjid Old Delhi 110006 MAP WEBLINK

Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi
Evening view of India Gate

4. A Walk at India Gate: India Gate is one of the most popular places in Delhi among families and couples to hang out in the evening or on a rainy day. It is also known as a war memorial. It was built in memory of 82000 soldiers who died in the First World War. It was built from 1921 to 1931 under the supervision of Mr. Edwin Lutyan who design most of New Delhi.

Names of dead soldiers have been written on the stones of the architecture. It is connected to President House of India in the royal way called “Rajpath” which makes it more beautiful and worth visiting. In the evening lots of families come to India gate with their dinner and enjoy a great time here. You can also have some Indian street food here.  Add: Rajpath Marg, India Gate, New Delhi, 110001 MAP FB WEBLINK

Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi
A night out in Connaught Place

5. Connaught Place: Connaught place also one of the best places in Delhi to hang out in the evening as well it houses so many pubs and discs for couples. Some of the best restaurants also here which can serve you best Dinner. The best thing about the Connaught place is that it offers you a lot of variety in everything.

Like you can have a meal here starting from USD 02 to more than 100 USD. In terms of shopping also it offers a big range from budget to designer wears. You can also have street food in Connaught Place like Gol Gappa, Bhel Puri, Fire Paan, Milk Shake, Pakode and many more. MAP WEBLINK     Do check out Best Shopping markets in Delhi.

Above are some suggestions only Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi. People can have many more options as per their taste.

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  1. Sara Essop

    I did the Sound and Light show at The Red Fort and it was amazing. I would highly recommend it too.

    1. Thanks Sara…

  2. Julz

    Looks awesome. Would love to go to India, have never really had the chance. the Red Fort sounds great!

  3. Brooke

    The Red Fort looks lovely lit up at a night-and I’m always a sucker for Indian street food!

  4. Lydia Smith

    I’ve never been to India before but I like that every aspect of the country reminds and resonates the Indian Culture and History. I’d love to visit the Red Fort particularly since I’m fascinated with the history and culture of England. The India Gate looks stunning. It’s a nice view.

  5. Ada

    Wow I had no idea there is so much to do in Delhi ! I would love to see that light and sound show, it seems so cool! But I think the food walk would be my favourite 😀 I love street food and I bet it’s done very well over there! Thanks for this amazing recommendations!

  6. David

    Great tips! I’ve been to Mumbai but I really want to visit Delhi one day. Thanks for this, I’ve saved them down for when I get round to visiting!

  7. Kellyn

    Well done Danish. I’ve always wanted to visit Delhi. I love Indian food and culture, you’ve definitely convinced me to make a trip out there. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.

  8. neha

    Been to Delhi many times. But it was only long long back that I had got to explore a little bit. And I still remember the Connaught Place market and the light and sound show at Red Fort. You have really lined up just the perfect set of things to enjoy an evening in Delhi.

  9. Alberto C.

    That’s some great advice, thanks so much for sharing! The light and sound show at the Red Fort sounds particularly interesting. I experienced something similar quite recently in Jerusalem and absolutely loved it, I’d love to see this one as well and learn a bit more about the history of Delhi and India!

  10. James

    I would definitely want to see the Red Fort and India Gate at night. I think I’d try out Connaught place to relax and chill out later on though.

  11. Chiera

    Some great tips here! I’ve always wanted to visit Delhi. Thanks for sharing

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