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Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi

Delhi officially the capital of India is a union territory of India. The city is spread to 1484 square kilometer. As per the 2011 census more than 11 million people reside in Delhi. It’s a city which will give you a glimpse of entire India. Delhi is a rich city in terms of history and architecture. It has three Unesco world heritage sites and much more architecture from the time of Mughals. It has some best-shopping markets. It has one of the biggest markets for dry fruits and spices. It has one of the best and profitable metro networks in the world. It is a city which has something for everyone, for example, you can have accommodation from INR 1000 to INR 100,000 for one night. You can a have meal for INR 50 only or you can spend thousands if you want. Delhi is a city which will not disappoint anyone. It has a lot of things to offer you to fall in love with it. Here are I will show you Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi.

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