Month: March 2016

Holi is one of the biggest festival in India and have been a ideal festival of India to the world and no doubt people celebrate it with full of heart and joy. If you see its only a festival of color but when you go in details it has a long history and you will find it have been celebrated in India in many different styles. Like different cities celebrate holi in different style colors are always there in form of holi but people mix it with there local culture and tradition and make unique. Check out here some most amazing places to celebrate holi in India.

Barsana Lath Maar Holi (Holi with Sticks) : It is one of the famous holi celebration not even in India also for the world. Barasana is small town around 150 Km from Delhi and close to Mathura in Utter Pradesh. In this form of Holi women beat the Men by sticks along with colors.


Barsana Holi
Barsana Holi

There is a small story behind this unique form of holi that one day Lord Krishna visited his beloved Radha’s place and teased Radha and her friends. Since that day people from Krishna’s village go to Radha’s place and recreate the moments.

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