Planning on going on a trip soon? Or, need to pick up a friend at the airport? In either case, you might benefit greatly by using a flight tracker to know exactly where the plane is at any moment. A few weekends ago I needed to pick up my parents at the airport, as they were visiting the town for a few days. As I was commenting to a friend that I would be picking them up at the airport, he sent me a link with a list of the best 10 flight tracker apps. Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights.

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India is a one of the biggest market for international travel. Far east Asia is one of the most visiting region by Indians. Countries like Thailand, Singapore, Bali and Malaysia trying their best to attract more and more visitors from India. Bali and Thailand offer Visa on arrival facility for Indian nationals. So there is a fight in market to attract Indian traveler. Now Malaysia Waived Off Visa Fees For Indian nationals.

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