Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights

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Planning on going on a trip soon? Or, need to pick up a friend at the airport? In either case, you might benefit greatly by using Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights to know exactly where the plane is at any moment. A few weekends ago I needed to pick up my parents at the airport, as they were visiting the town for a few days. As I was commenting to a friend that I would be picking them up at the airport, he sent me a link with a list of the best 10 flight tracker apps. Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights.

Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights

Best Flight Tracking Apps

Although I’d never used a flight tracker before, he said they were pretty accurate, and would be really helpful in making sure I got to the airport right on time for their arrival. So, I went ahead and checked out a few of the apps. I was pleasantly surprised by how useful they can be, so I picked out my top 4 favorites and reviewed them.

The first two apps I selected are great for finding out about any flight delays, so you don’t get to the airport unnecessarily early. The second group of apps I chose lets you track flights in real-time, so you can know exactly when the plane is landing. These Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights really makes your life easy.

Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights

Flight Tracking Apps with Delay Notifications

When you are picking someone up at the airport, the last thing you want to do is get there too early and hang around the airport waiting for the plane to arrive. The first group of apps I selected is really handy in these cases, as you can get alerts on any flight delays, so you can head to the airport exactly at the right time.

Apps: The Flight Tracker Free, FlightStats

My first pick is The Flight Tracker Free. Not only can you find detailed information on the status of any flight, but you can also set up alerts to find out about gate changes, flight delays or other important flight changes. I also really like that you can view terminal maps for airports in the United States. So, if you need to catch a connecting flight, you can view your route quickly to make it in time to the gate.

Although I didn’t have any issues, some users mentioned that sometimes flight updates take a bit of time to load. Apparently, a quick fix is to restart the app, but if the problem persists, the customer service team is more than willing to help. So what are you waiting for just download Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights?

My second pick is FlightStats. What I really like about it is that you can view flight status information for any flight around the world, in real-time! I also liked that you can easily share flight information with your friends, including flight delays, gate changes, weather conditions, and more. I must confess that, at first, I wasn’t quite sure how to navigate my way around the app. However, after spending a few minutes with it, it was easy to figure out.

Apps for Tracking Flights in Real-Time

Want to track the location of a flight in real-time? The second group of apps I selected has live flight tracker maps so you can easily view where a flight is at any time. So, if you want to know how far along a flight is on a scheduled route, then this is a great choice for you. So here are two of Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights.

Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights

Apps: FlightAware Flight Tracker, Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

My third pick is FlightAware Flight Tracker from the list of Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights. One of the reasons I really like it is that not only can you view where a plane is in real-time, but you can also view the path the flight has traveled, and the path it will follow to reach its destination.

I also liked that you can track any type of flight, including commercial flights, private flights, charter flights, and more. There is even a log chart with information on flight location, time, altitude, and more. With so much flight tracking information, you might find that it is more than you are looking for. However, I found that the interface keeps it simple and easy to understand, so you won’t be flooded with the information you don’t need.

My fourth pick is Flightradar24. among Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights, I found the variety of flight tracking features to be truly impressive. I particularly liked the fact that you can point your phone to a plane in the sky, and you can find out exactly where it is heading.

Another feature I liked is that you can visualize the plane’s travel path in 3D, and see how it flies above mountains, cities, and lakes across any part of the world. The only drawback I found is that there is no option to bookmark flights. So, if you want to look up information for a flight you searched previously you will need to either search for it again or check your search history. Hopefully, the developers will include a bookmarking feature in a future update!


If you are looking for an easy way to track flights, then I’m certain you will find exactly what you need, with Best Flight Tracking Apps To Track Flights and more, with any of these picks. For information on flight delays, choose an app from my first group. On the other hand, if you want to track a flight in real-time on a map, you might prefer an app from my second group. With these apps at your fingertips, you will know exactly where any flight is, so you always get to the airport right on time.

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