Month: October 2016

Varun Sethi while Mountaineering

Snow-clad mountain peaks and gushing waterfalls welcome you to the land where natural beauty bestows at its best. Uttarakhand in India, Reveals to its tourists the natural beauty of the place. The culture and customs followed by the residents of the state is rich and unique. The 14 hilly districts that earlier came under the state of Uttar Pradesh now fall under the newly constructed state of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand has emerged to be one of the most popular places of tourist interest in India. The destination is just the perfect for anyone, be it an adventure enthusiast or a newlywed couple. Here we will discuss Most Popular Adventure Sports in Uttarakhand.

The nearest airport is located in the capital state of Uttarakhand – Dehradun. Dehradun is connected to all the major states and cities of India through regular flights. An efficient network of railways connects Uttarakhand to all the important places in India. Uttarakhand is connected to all the major cities and towns of India through a navigable network of roads.

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Heritage Village Dubai

The best way to explore a destination is to know about its culture, history and heritage. The most intriguing attractions in any place are always the ones related to its culture. These cultural destinations engulf hundreds and thousands of year’s history behind its walls and legends of the pride and hardships that serve as the founding pillars of the modern-day tourist attractions.

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Himachal Pradesh

India gives so many reasons to visit for its traveler. One of the important reason is Mountain beauty of India and Himachal is one of them. Himachal Pradesh is situated in northern part of India and western Himalayas. The word Himachal means ‘The Land of Snow’ and Himachal Pradesh make you believe that. Himachal Pradesh is home to snow capped mountains and some very beautiful Rivers. Beauty of the mountains are beyond the imagination. Himachal Pradesh is like a Heaven for Mountain lovers and trekkers. Entire state is amazingly beautiful and worth visiting and its not possible to cover in one post. Here i will take you to top 05 places where i have been personally.

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