How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

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“Once a year go someplace you have never been before” This line was said by Dalai Lama. You will only understand the logic behind this line when you really start traveling. I have been traveling for last 08 years. Now the situation is that nothing gives me more satisfaction and excitement than traveling. Here I will share my experience of How Traveling Makes You A Better Person.

I know you have been reading so many posts about how traveling makes you a better person. Many of you would not agree to the same. After reading this post you will go travel and believe it. So guys check out here how travel makes you a better person. You will find yourself.

How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

Traveling makes your management better: It need lot of preparation and planning to make a trip somewhere, So when you start thinking about to go somewhere you start doing lot of search about places, hotels, flights, attractions, etc. You have to manage all the things like best airfare, the good hotel at the cheapest cost, make an itinerary to cover maximum attractions in less time. All this working brushes your management skills and you become a better guy in terms of management.

Traveling makes you more responsible:  To make a perfect plan you have to be very conscious about the things. Like to make a flight booking at the right time for a good fare. You have to discuss things with so many people at the right time.  You do so many things from time to time which makes you more conscious and responsible. How Traveling Makes You A Better Person.

How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

Traveling enhance your knowledge: Traveling makes you richer in terms of knowledge. Before going anywhere we do a lot of research and planning about the destinations. Like what are the places to see there, what are the mode of transport to reach there, what are the good hotels there, what are the food options there and many more. You do so many reading about the history and current phase of the country and city you are going to visit and when you actually visit the place it gives you practical knowledge which is the best way to learn something. All this work out really gives you a lot of information which enhances your knowledge.

Traveling makes you punctual: Punctuality is one of the important qualities we need to be a successful person in life. Traveling makes you punctual. To have a memorable trip we need to follow times very seriously Like you need to be at the airport on the time always to catch a flight. We attend so many cultural shows and events when we travel and it need to be always on time to attend them. We have to plan our itinerary as per the time we have in another city. So all this makes us punctual of time. Check out the most popular honeymoon destinations.

How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

You learn to live alone: No doubt a good fellow traveler is always making a journey more exciting and memorable but so many times we need to travel alone. I say we must travel alone sometimes, You will find yourself while traveling alone and I promise you, It will be the most memorable time of your life. imagine a life in a place where nobody knows you. Waking up in a place full of strangers will be a great feeling. You will live a life only on your terms for a few days which will give one of the most amazing experiences.

You learn to live with less: Traveling to the world could be a dream for so many people but only a few can live this dream because it needs a lot of money. But the people who really want to travel they do that anyhow. So when we travel we try to save money as much as possible and compromise on so many things like Hotels, shopping, foods and many more but the best thing is that after compromising on all this we return to our home happy with a lot of good memories. So this proves that we can survive with less spending. Check out the most popular adventure sports in Uttarakhand.

How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

You become more kind: When we travel we meet with so many strangers to whom we communicate and spend some time. “A smile on your face makes half of your works” A smiling face always attract people and makes your interaction easy with anyone and its a must-have quality for the traveler who meets with a lot of strangers to have a wonderful trip to a place where nobody knows you.

Traveling enhanced your adaptability: Traveling is like a dream and it can be shattered at any time. I mean to say travel needs so many planing in advance and there are always chances that plan gets canceled and it’s really frustrating. A last-minute cancellation or change in the plane is more frustrating but we have to handle this situation so many times and need to come out of it with a better plan and this quality makes you flexible and increase adaptability in you.

How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

You start enjoying the moments:  When we travel we always try to utilize our time and money as much as possible. We always have a certain amount of time for a particular place and activity and we use it at most possible. So many activities we do which come for a few seconds or minutes and we enjoy that moment at fullest. All because of this set of mind we start enjoying more even in small things.

Traveling makes you more patient: So many times things do not go as per the plan and itinerary and we could not do anything. In this kind of situation, we keep patients and wait for things to be done. This kind of situation makes you more patient. This also very important in your day to day life so its one of the most important in How Traveling Makes You A Better Person.

How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

Traveling pulls you out of your comfort zone:  When we travel to different destinations and encounter with so many different people and culture and sometimes it make us uncomfortable but even then we do not run away of it and spend some time, It pulls us out of our comfort zone.

If you also have some benefits of traveling which can be added to How Traveling Makes You A Better Person please share with us.

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Danish Akhtar

Hey, my name is Danish Akhtar and welcome to my website. I have been traveling the world since 2012 and finally decided in October 2015 to make this website to share my experiences around the world. I hope to not only give you tips, tricks and my personal insight for your own travel but save you time and money when you travel next
So a little about my story, I was born in Nagina, a small town in Utter Pradesh India. I Passed out from University of Delhi in 2012 and decided that I needed to get some sort of career in that I can travel the world and could earn some smart amount. So that I m here working as assistant manager in a travel company beside that writing my experience of travelling which can help people.


  1. Caitlin

    I agree with almost all of this! Everything except traveling alone. I’ve done a few solo trips, and I HATE them. I love traveling with my fiance or close friends. There’s something wonderful about sharing these amazing memories of travel with someone you love.

    1. oh its sad to hear that your solo trips did not go well… Anyway thanks for reading…

  2. Mike

    Really good points and I agree with them all.

    The management, learning to live alone, learning to live with less and enjoying the moments points are my favourite.

    1. Thanks for appreciation Mike…

  3. samra khan

    *Travelling helps you to recreate yourself.
    *Travelling helps to cure the diseases.
    *Travelling makes you a better person.
    *Travelling helps to explore new places, meet different people , it also gives an opportunity to taste different and specialty of a particular place.

  4. Barbara

    I love this – agree with all – well done!

  5. Gabe

    You site is very beautiful, and as an aspiring traveler/blogger, your checklist is spot-on. Good luck and never stop moving!

  6. Clare

    I do agree with most of your points though not on punctuality. I have spent a lot of time travelling around south america and find it hard now to be on time anywhere, I got used to south american time!! I do agree though that travelling enriches your life and makes you a more patient, kinder person and its a life that I love. I can’t imagine doing anything else or going back to a “normal” life.

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