Things to do in Jatayu National Park

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Designed by Malayalam film director and Sculptor Rajiv Anchal, the Jatayu Nature Park Kerala has proved to be one of the most visited tourist spots of all time. This national park is located at Chadayamangalam in the Kollam district of Kerala. let’s explore things to do in Jatayu National Park. This national park has been gaining visitors steadily since its first phase was inaugurated in January 2016. The key aspect for visiting this tourist destination is the concrete and stupendous sculpture of the mythological creature Jatayu, a bird who tried to protect Sita from Ravana in the Ramayana.

Having an enormous dimension of 200 feet in length, 150 feet in breadth and 70 feet in height, this sculpture took almost seven years to get a perfect finish that it has now.

This epic sculpture is believed to be sculpted in the place where Jatayu took his last breath after being inhumanely killed by Ravana while he tried to protect Sita. The breathtaking atmosphere of this rocky national park would surely provide you a stunning and versatile experience of its adventures and would also help you relax by providing you a natural treatment for eyes and mind. Here is the list of things to do in Jatayu National Park.

Things to do in Jatayu National Park

Things to do in Jatayu National Park: –

If you are planning to make it your next destination stop and if you are hungry enough to boost your catecholamine by indulging in various adventurous sports then you must be pre-informed about the various things to do in Jatayu National Park in this vast 65 acres national park before you confirm your bookings.

  1. As per its official website, a minimum of ten people in a group is required to make bookings for participating in all the adventures of this national park.
  2. The regular booking price per person is 3500 INR, but discounts can be availed in case there are more than 10 members in the group.
  3. All the members of the group must be above 14 years of age to be eligible for booking tickets.
  4. There are a 6D theatre and an audiovisual based marvelous museum inside the gigantic Jatayu sculpture.
  5. The eye view of the bird’s sculpture can be experienced from inside the museum along with many glimpses from the story of Ramayana.
  6. The park has also set up South India’s first state of the art cable car.
  7. The most important reason to visit the park is for its adventure zone and various sports that you can involve in such as:
    • Trekking, Camping on the top of the hill, Bouldering, Rock Climbing, Ziplining, jumaring, rappelling, shooting and many other forms that attract tourists from all over the country.
    • Commando Nets, walking on suspended logs, vertical ladder, chimney climbing are also present for those who want to test their strength and skills.
  8. The completely natural adventurous experience makes this national park a prime activity center for all the enthusiasts.
  9. Apart from experiences of adventure sports and camping, the traditional practice of Siddha, a form of yoga makes it an exclusive healing center.
  10. The park even consists of a paintball zone.
  11. In order to reach the hilltop of this natural park, you can trek through the forests surrounding the rocks which would take an hour or more and would give you a thrilling experience. You will also have the option of going up in the park’s 500-meter cable car, walkable facilities or the hele taxi service to have an aerial experience.
  12. The national park also has a food court which would certainly give you a placid moonlight dining experience. The food court is situated between two rocky escarpments and it has its catering services on a smooth gibber stone hence maintaining the complete process in an eco-friendly manner. I hope these are more than enough things to do in Jatayu National Park.

Unique Features of Jatayu Earth Centre

Things to do in Jatayu National Park

This National Park is unique in the fact that it gathers its water requirements through Rainwater Harvesting reservoirs having a total storage capacity of 20 lakh liters. It even harnesses its electricity needs through natural means of solar energy obtained through solar panels.

Jatayu National Park is also unique in the fact that it utilizes renewable resources. It is a way of making people aware of putting a limit on the use of non-renewable energy resources.

A non-renewable energy resource adds to a lot of pollution and also harms the environmental balance which in turn leads to Global Warming. Non-renewable resources are limited and it takes years to refill naturally.

These resources must be used only for emergency purposes and also must be saved for our future generations. Focusing on the use of natural renewable ways of energy consumption would save the environment and would also help to maintain a perfect ecological balance.

This has been effectively implemented in the Jatayu National Park. So that people can enjoy Things to do in Jatayu National Park without any harm to nature.

Things to do in Jatayu National Park


Hence, if you want to experience a true natural sensation, Jatayu Earth center would surely be an ideal spot for your visit. Its natural essence is completely unaffected by the constructions of the region. In fact, this national park has found a place in the Guinness Book of world records as the largest and the most amazing fully functional sculpture of the mythological bird, Jatayu.

Rajiv Aanchal, the genius architect behind this construction has dedicated a decade to the perfection of this sculpture and has left its visitors awestruck by its splendid vision.

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