Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan

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Bharatpur is the land of culture and nature. Apart from the renowned bird park of Bharatpur, this land is a prime destination for those who love a weekend trip or a one-day trip to North India. This city started gaining popularity in the 18th century. Bharatpur vacation will be filled with activities, no matter when you visit this region. Here are Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan.

Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan

Safari in Keoladeo National Park

Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan

This hunting reserve turned national park is famous for its collection or 365 species of birds, an ancient temple and rich vegetation. This is the only place to spot Siberian Crane in the world, outside Siberia. The main activity of this park is the safari. You can enjoy the rickshaw safari, horse carriage safari, and others. On the other hand, you can also cycle through the park to spot birds and a few animals. This has to be on top among Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan.

Temple visit

There are a few temples in Bharatpur. Although not a prime pilgrimage site, these temples are serene for their stone works, designs, and a peaceful environment. Top temples to visit are Ganga Temple, Old Laxman temple, Davji temple and Laxman temple.

Architectural sightseeing

Deeg Palace Bharat Pur (Image source David James Flickr)

As mentioned before, this is a very rich cultural spot, decorated with nature. Thus, you can find numerous spots for enjoying beautiful structures and monuments. Top structures to visit in Bharatpur are Deeg Fort, Lohangarh Fort, Gopal Bhavan and others.

Shopping trip

Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan

Shopping is an important activity to enjoy in Bharatpur. Top items to buy here are brass articles, marble articles, handicrafts, local apparels, and others. You can also find a few iconic souvenirs of other parts of Rajasthan, in the shops of Bharatpur. The evening is the best time to visit the markets for shopping.

Cuisine tasting

Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan

The cuisine of the land is not much different from the cuisine of the state. However, iconic delicacies of Bharatpur are quite different from other parts with similar cuisine. Top dishes to try in Bharatpur are aloo sabzi, mawa kachori, pyaaz kachori, and others. You can find numerous luxury hotels and a small shack to enjoy food, based on your budget.

Museum visit

Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan
Bharatpur Museum

Not many know about the government museum in Bharatpur. This museum is famous for its collection of historic items of royal families on the first floor. The building was initially used as an administration site by the Bharatpur rulers. Thus, you can find many artifacts related to the royal family of Bharatpur, in this museum. Apart from these, you can find ancient battle weapons, paintings, manuscripts, miniature painting, guns, miniature cannons and others.

Stay amidst nature

If you love nature, you can choose to stay in the forest lodge of the Bharatpur bird sanctuary. The accommodation is bare minimal. However, the feel of being close to nature and waking up to the calls of the birds is quite a unique experience. Staying with nature will make you feel connected with nature so try this when you go for Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan.


There are numerous serene places in and around Bharatpur for a picnic. However, the best of all is Band Baretha, which is famous for its rich Kakund River, dam and a few monuments of the past. The dam region is famous for picnicking and frolicking.

Heritage hotel stay

Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan
Hotel Udai Vilas Palace

Bharatpur is filled with nature. This does not mean that luxury and pampering are out of the itinerary. You can still enjoy a luxurious stay in this city. You can find numerous heritage hotels in Bharatpur like The Bagh, Hotel Surya Vilas Palace, Laxmi Vilas Palace, Udai Vilas Palace and many others. You can also find a few havelis, which are open to tourists for accommodation. A royal stay will surely make your trip luxurious when you are exploring Top Things To Do In Bharatpur of Rajasthan.

Bharatpur is an eventful city. This city’s tourist features have made it a part of numerous luxury train itineraries too like Palace on Wheels and Maharajas Express train.

Embark your journey to Bharatpur and also know about the fares of Maharajas Express train. Make sure to visit during winter to spot many colorful birds in this region.

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