5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers

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Whether traveling solo or in a group, one of the concerns that every woman has is about her safety. Here we will share with you 5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers. Irrespective of gender, all people must be able to travel around the world. However, women are susceptible to more challenging dangers. The dangers can be in terms of physical, mental, or some kind of activity.

5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Traveling the world triggers fear of being alone, safety, risks, meeting new people, new culture, etc which you need to first acknowledge and then take actions to come out of it. Each country comes with its own list of risks and dangers which you can overcome by assessing the location you are in. Tourists, especially women, are easy targets. Hence, the following 5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers will help you travel to any part of the world.

5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers

1.   Dress Like a Local:

5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers

A dressing style accepted in one country may not be acceptable in the other. Dressing like a local will avoid getting your unwanted attention. Especially for women, if the destination needs you to cover your hair, wear long sleeves or loose clothes, then you must wear them accordingly.

Locations with hot and humid weather will make you want to wear shorts and sleeveless tops, but they may be unacceptable in those locations or cultures. Purchasing your clothes locally and wearing them can help you to blend well with the local community. Also, local clothes make a great souvenir. In some cultures, women who talk a lot or make too much eye contact can come up as too forward. Avoid taking a taxi, train, or bus late at night and reach your hotel in light of the day.

2. Research Your Destination Thoroughly

5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Researching your travel destination beforehand helps you understand the local customs and laws. Because 5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers might be different as per the destination. Know about your stay location, whether it’s safe or not. Research the closing time of shops and how long you can stay out.

You must be aware of the scams and problems that happen in that region. You must be respectful of the local culture.  So, research about any religious rules to familiarize yourself. If there is a local spirit sampling, take in moderation. Do not forget that you are in a foreign land and therefore, keep yourself in senses till the time you reach your hotel room.

Talk to a healthcare professional about your travel destination to get any vaccines and health precautions. When in a new location, try to talk to the locals and sign up for some walking tours. These make you confident and give you a good idea of the city to find your way even when you are alone. You can also talk to your social media friends or relatives to inquire if they know anyone at your destination city. This way, you will have a mutual friend with whom you can tour the city.

3. Keep In Touch:

5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers

This is one of the most important among 5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers. Keep at least one family member or a friend informed about your travel itinerary.  You can either call or mail them. If you are going for a long trip like for a month or two, then dropping a message once a week is a good idea.
Before leaving for the trip, you can create a mailing list of people you want to keep in the loop. If not a mailing list, then check in with them regularly about your arrivals and departures. Apart from these details, it’s a smart idea to share your accommodation details and flight numbers. Avoid posting flight details and hotel details on social media platforms to prevent any dangers.

4. Keep Expensive Items Hidden:

5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Ladies, this is an important rule. Don’t carry any expensive jewelry items with you while traveling. Keep your Kindle, laptop, and camera secured inside a day bag. Especially, keep your phone safe as traveling without a phone is not a choice these days. Split your money into multiple wallets. Use a dummy wallet to keep petty cash for normal roadside purchases.

Hide the majority of your cash and payment cards in your hidden pockets in your clothing. When taking a cab, keep your backpacks with you in the backseat instead of keeping it in the front or in the trunk. If you find something fishy, you can jump out of the cab. This point is also very important among 5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers.

5. Digitize Your Documents:

5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Carry the soft copies of all your important documents. Keep a backup of the same. This will ensure the security of your documents. Also, it’s important that you write down the emergency contact numbers in a diary. The reason being, we are so digital these days that no one remembers a phone number. So, writing and keeping a physical copy of the phone number always helps. Top 10 Reasons Which Will Make You Travel

Don’t get overexcited:

5 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Here is a bonus tip for you. Trust your guts and avoid places like cliffs, watery places, or places that have few people. Remember your life is priceless. Now that you have a better understanding of how to take care of yourself while traveling, plan your next trip without any anxiety.

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