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National War Memorial

How is the Josh? Every Indian can say very high nowadays. As per the current situation after Pulwama attack, Josh has to be high. I think this is the most suitable time to pay a visit to our newly constructed national war memorial. which will make you understand how many soldiers have been sacrificed their lives to save us. Since independence, more than 26000 soldiers have been given their lives to protect us and our India. A befitting tribute to our brave heart soldiers. “Every man on this earth will face death later or sooner, what could be the best way than facing death for the nation”.

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Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi

Delhi officially the capital of India is a union territory of India. The city is spread to 1484 square kilometer. As per the 2011 census more than 11 million people reside in Delhi. It’s a city which will give you a glimpse of entire India. Delhi is a rich city in terms of history and architecture. It has three Unesco world heritage sites and much more architecture from the time of Mughals. It has some best-shopping markets. It has one of the biggest markets for dry fruits and spices. It has one of the best and profitable metro networks in the world. It is a city which has something for everyone, for example, you can have accommodation from INR 1000 to INR 100,000 for one night. You can a have meal for INR 50 only or you can spend thousands if you want. Delhi is a city which will not disappoint anyone. It has a lot of things to offer you to fall in love with it. Here are I will show you Best Way To Spend An Evening In Delhi.

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Top 05 Museums You Should Visit In Delhi

When we visit any new country and city so there is always a curiosity in our mind about the place. We read and search a lot before visiting a new place. When we reach the place we always try to find out more about the place by its history and culture and learn so many new things. Museums are one of the best ways to understand the history and culture of any destination you visit. Museums give a details idea about the history and culture of the place. All the places preserve their culture and history in form of museums. Delhi is also one of the great city in terms of history and culture. Delhi has a great history from Pandava’s to Mughal’s and the freedom of India from British rule. Delhi has also preserved its history in so many museums. So here I will take you to the top 05 museums you should visit in Delhi.

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Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting

On 13th February 2017 i got a mail from Indiblogger that Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting Delhi will held 24th February 2017 in Vivanta by Taj New Delhi. I was so excited for this because it was my first invitation for this kind of meet since i started my blog in 2015. So i went to the place and participated in the event. As a new travel blogger it was so much of learning and fun for me.

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Madame Tussauds Museum was established by  Marie at Baker Street London in 1835. Chamber of Horrors was the main attraction of the Museum. In 1884 Museum was shifted to its current site Marylebon Road. Museum contained almost 400 sculpture on that time. In 1925 Museum was damaged by fire. It was restored in 1928 with a extension of Cinema and restaurant. It was again destroyed by German World War II. Now Madame Tussauds has become one of the most popular attraction in London. Today in Madame Tussauds you will find sculptures of historical and royal figure, Film stars, Sports star and many more popular personalities.

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India is a country with full of festivals and traditions. So many traditions means so many festivals. India is a democratic nation and people of all religions live here happily. Religions are different so the festivals are but people celebrate all the festivals with each other which makes it more beautiful.

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Being a capital of India Delhi is full of life and entertainment which offer you some very good opportunities for shopping, so many good shopping Malls are here except them Delhi have so many awesome markets which offer you some really good and unique items. However if we write about all the markets than list will be so long so here we are listing the some best markets. So if you are in Delhi do not forget to visit some of them and you will love it.

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India is a unique country because of its culture and unmatched traditions that is why India is one of the emerging tourist destination. One more reason for that is now India offer visa on arrival for more than hundred countries. You can check your status at From tourists point of view India has everything Mountains, Beaches, Adventure, Spirituality, Metro Cities, Forest, Desert, means India has something for everyone. To the North you will find the Himalayas, To the south Beaches, To the west Desert and east is Trible. Check out here some top reasons to visit this amazing country.

Old Man with Hukkah

1. History and Architecture : India is one of the richest country in terms of history and architecture. Home to the world’s oldest civilization. Architecture of India is rooted in his history. Total are 32 Unesco World heritage sites in India and these are amazingly beautiful and different in design and architecture. Architecture style have been developed under the influence of countless dynasties as well as the colonial period. All these reasons makes India a perfect destination for history and architecture lovers. Taj Mahal tour from Delhi.

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Unesco World heritage sites are always been a big attractions for traveler from all over the world and people like to visit these places very much. Specially traveler who love history and architecture love to visit world heritage sites all over the world. Delhi also have three Unesco world heritage sites and these are must visit when you are in Delhi. Check it out…

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February is a month of love and so many days are like. You must be looking for Best Places to Celebrate Valentine Day in Delhi.

Rose day (07 February )

Propose day (08 February)

Chocolate day (09 February)

Teddy day (10 February)

Promise day (11 February)

Hug day (12 February)

Kiss day (13 February)

Valentine day (14 February)

to hang out and spend quality time with your love and life partner. Among all days Valentine day is the most celebrated day in the world and in Delhi as well.

Check out Best Places to Celebrate Valentine Day in Delhi.

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