Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting Delhi

Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting
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On 13th February 2017, I got a mail from Indiblogger that Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting Delhi will be held 24th February 2017 in Vivanta by Taj New Delhi. I was so excited about this because it was my first invitation to this kind of meeting since I started my blog in 2015. So I went to the place and participated in the event. As a new travel blogger, it was so much of learning and fun for me.

Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting Delhi

Berger Express Painting

The meet was started with a delicious lunch in Vivanta by Taj. Fun was started after lunch with a chance for new bloggers to introduce their blog to fellow bloggers. I also introduced myself as it was my first meet to participate. Berger paints were the partner organizer with the Indiblogger so we also got a chance to have a close look at their new Berger Xpress Service for painting your home. Indiblogger made this meet more interesting with some fun filling competitions like Photo of Day, Know Your Blog, Sanding and Painting. Let me take you there with some competitions as below.

Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting Delhi
My Team While Presentation

Sanding: All the bloggers were divided into 06 teams with 08 members in each team. The first task was sanding. With this task, Berger wanted to tell us that sanding is one of the though works in painting your home. Sanding is so tiring but very important to get a great look for paints. We also tried our hands on sanding.

Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting Delhi
Ready for Sanding Team Three

Really It was a small board that we got for sanding and it was really tough work for all of us to make it smooth to win the task. After that task, we all came to know that how much energy and effort it takes to sanding your home.

But now you do not need to worry because Berger has introduced Berger express painting. Berger express painting includes some very high tech and useful equipment. The sanding machine is one of them.

Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting
Sanding Machine

The sanding machine makes this tiring work so easy and gives you a perfectly smooth wall. To get a good reflection of the paint your wall has to be sanded very well. By this machine, you not only reduce the time off work you also get perfect results. Sanding machine comes with a bag that collects all the dust which comes out while sanding. So you also save you and your family members from dust. Know more about these express Painting Tools here.

Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting Delhi
My Team While Painting

Painting: the Second task was painting. Painting is fun if you know how to do it but if you don’t then its one of the hard work to hold the brush. In this task, every team was having a theme to paint and our theme was Blogging & Vlogging. For me, it was such a difficult task to paint something but thanks to my team who did a great job and we won the task.

After this task, I came to know that painting is not an easy work to do and realize what Mr. Vinod Das said: “Getting your house painted is as painful as getting your tooth pulled out”. Berger Xpress painting also made this task easy and less time consuming with the launching of Berger Painting Roller. This Roller helps you to paint your home in less time with a perfect result. With the help of this painting roller, you can reach a height of 09 feet without any ladder.

Indiblogger Meet With Berger Express Painting
Paint Roller

This Paint Roller makes your work so easy and gives you smooth and shining walls.  Know more about these Xpress Painting Tools here.

Get Your Home Painted From Berger Experts: Berger express painting is a new and great way to get your home painted by professionals. Berger Paints offers experts advise without any cost. you can call Berger for free advice about painting your home. A Painting expert will visit your home on a request and will help you to get your home painted by experts.

Berger running training centers with skill India all over India, Where they are giving training to painters with high tech equipment.  So when you get your home painted by these trained painters, You will get your work done in less time with the best quality result.

So do not forget to call Berger before painting your home next time.

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