Malaysia Visa Fees For Indian Nationals Waived Off
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India is one of the biggest market for international travel. Far East Asia is one of the most visiting regions by Indians. Countries like Thailand, Singapore, Bali, and Malaysia trying their best to attract more and more visitors from India. Bali and Thailand offer Visa on arrival facility for Indian nationals. So there is a fight in the market to attract Indian travelers. Malaysia Visa Fees For Indian Nationals Waived Off.

Malaysia Visa Fees For Indian Nationals Waived Off

Malaysia Waived Off Visa Fees For Indian Nationals
Langkawi Beach

Thailand made this fight more aggressive by waiving the visa fees for granting a visa in India by the embassy in December for a few months. So many travelers took the benefit of the offer by stamping the visa in India.

Malaysia Waived Off Visa Fees For Indian Nationals
Mosque of Kuala Lumpur

Now Malaysia jumped in the market by waiving the visa fees for Indian nationals. Malaysia not only waived off visa fees its also offering E-Visa for Indians. Now you can get Malaysia visa by a few clicks only in 48 hours. You will be charged only  USD 20 as processing fees while the visa fees have been waived off. Malaysian Minister of Tourism and Culture Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz has announced. He was leading a delegation from the Malaysia tourism board and announced the news in a press conference.

You can apply for the visa by logging on to  Malaysia is really working hard to promote itself in southeast Asia.

Malaysia Waived Off Visa Fees For Indian Nationals
Suspension Bridge Langkawi

Malaysia is so popular among Indians. One of the major reason behind is that Malaysia is not a very expensive destination in terms of budget. Malaysia is a complete destination in terms of a holiday. Kuala Lumpur is one of the top cities in the world with Twins Tower as a major attraction. Langkawi and Penang offer you some beautiful beaches and a peaceful atmosphere. Malaysia is a good destination for whether you are traveling for your honeymoon or with your family.  Also, see the best places to visit in Asia.

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  1. Kelly Duhigg

    Makes total sense why Malaysia would be a great, cheap destination for Indians. So glad the visa fee got waived. I’m American so we have the opposite situation in that we may be required to have visas for the EU. But so interesting to see this visa change elsewhere. Thanks!

  2. Hang Around The World

    We have a friend who have always invited us to Malaysia and now thank to your post we know why. With your photos you inspired us. We’d love to visit Mosque of Kuala Lumpur, it looks so stunning and with a great history!

  3. Patti Morrow

    That’s good that the Visa was waived for you. Malaysia looks like a very pretty place. It’s on my list for 2018.

  4. Sarah

    That’s great news for all our Indian friends 🙂 I didn’t even know they have to pay visa fees for Malaysia until now, so that’s definitely a good move to attract more tourists apart from the fact that Malaysia is a country with so much to offer!

  5. Bhushavali

    Whoa! I didn’t know about that! That’s cool! Last time I remember paying something!!! Esp with it being a major destination for honeymooners from India, its perfect!!!

  6. Danique

    That’s good news! I can imagine more people would decide to go there now. I will go to Malaysia in October. Looking forward to it :).

  7. Ivy

    I think Canadians are pretty lucky in that we rarely need visas while traveling and we take our passports for granted. It’s wonderful that you no longer need a visa to visit Malaysia!

  8. Sapnas

    Good news but I am not able to find any link or news on website (Link you had given)

    1. they might have not updated on sight but its confirmed.

  9. Julie

    Good to see countries opening up the visa process!

  10. Bruce Schinkel

    Such great travel opportunities, especially on short notice now that the visa requirements are waived. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  11. Christina

    That is very exciting news! It also sounds like it is an easy process. When do you plan on going?!?!

    1. i do not have any recent plan but i will go asap

  12. Wanderlust Vegans

    That is great to hear for all you Indian nationals out there. It’s much easier to travel without having to worry about these extra costs.

  13. Natalie Anastasia

    That is awesome news – I had no idea! Malaysia looks very beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

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