Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea

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Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea. Goa has been a hot destination for Indians as well as international tourists. Especially when an Indian tourist thinks about the sea and beaches Goa comes to mind as the first destination. Goa has been a favorite destination for sea and beach lovers.

It’s true if you want to enjoy at sea and beaches Goa never disappoint you as it has some of the best beaches in India as well as in Asia. You know four beaches from Goa come in the top 25 beaches on Asia’s list. But Goa has lots more to offer you. In this post, I will explain to you explore Goa beyond sun sand and sea. Check out 05 different ways to explore Goa.

Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand & Sea

Recently I got an opportunity to visit Goa as I was invited by Goa Tourism Board for the GITM (Goa International Travel Mart). It was a great event for travel trade and was successfully hosted by Goa Tourism Board. It was the first time for me in Goa and I was so excited to experience sun sand & sea. But when I reached goa and starts the exploration with the help of the Goa Tourism Board then I realized that Goa has lots more to offer. So let’s check to Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea.

Goa is a destination for all-season. The summer temperature will be Min 25c to 39c. If you like the rain and want to see greener Goa then come.  in Monsoons June to mid-September heavy rainfall with lush greenery. Winter no doubt is the best time to visit Goa when you can also sunbathe at the beach. The temperature will be Min 15c to Max 25c from November to February.

Here in this post today I will explain to you what else goa offers you to explore Goa beyond sun sand & sea. You can spend few days easily exploring Goa beyond sun sand and sea. So let’s check out what you can see in Goa.

Explore Goa beyond sun sand and sea.

1.Historic Architecture: Goa has thirty thousand years old human settlement to 300 years old Portugees houses. It has some of the oldest churches with some of the oldest temples in India. One of the biggest and oldest cathedrals of India is in Goa SE CATHEDRAL The Cathedral built-in 1562 is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandra. The left side of the tower houses the St Peter’s bell popularly known as the golden bell inspired by the Portuguese poet Thomas Ribeiro for his poem “Sino de Ouro” (Golden bell).

Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea
Se Cathedral

The Basilica of BOM JESUS is a monument, typical of a classic feature introduced by the society of Jesus. The
church built in 1594 by Dom Jeronimo Mascarenhas was consecrated by father Aleixo de Members, the Archbishop and Primate of India on 15th May 1605. The richly gilded main altar has a figure of “Infant Jesus” and above it is a large statue of St.Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus. The church houses the sacred relics of St.Francis Xavier, the Apostle of the Indies. The feast is celebrated annually on the 3rd of December.

Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea
The Basilica of BOM JESUS

Temples and forts here do not just remain of the past; they are architectural marvels with a distinctive structural design that speaks of Goa’s ancient history. if you love architecture then this is your reason to visit Goa in Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand & Sea.

Aguada Fort: Built-in 1612 situated north of Panaji. One of the most strategically built forts, the Aguada is located on a headland of the river Mandovi. Built by the Portuguese 1609-1612. A 19th-century lighthouse situated inside the fortress is a major attraction.

Mangueshi Temple Despite the Portuguese influence that dominated Goa over the centuries, these temples distinct in structural the design has withstood the test of time. This 16th-century Mangueshi temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This deity has been transferred from Kushasthal presently Cortalim to the village at Priol in Ponda. The feast celebrated here is Shiva Ratri.

Above are some of the many sites in Goa which was shown to us by the Goa Tourism Board Goa has many more.

2. Nightlife and Parties: In Goa party never ends as you must be aware Goa is so popular as a party destination. Goa is a perfect destination if you a party lover. Goa has lots of options for the party all night. Goa is one of the hot destinations for beach parties. Who would not like to come and celebrate new year’s night in Goa once? Except for those beach parties and disco and pubs Goa has one more feather in its cap for the nightlife. Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea

Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea

Goa has introduced Floating Casinos recently. These casinos are inside the small cruises which have been floating in the Mandovi river. These casinos have everything which can make your night awesome. In these casinos, you can enjoy your luck in a dedicated gambling zone while enjoying live musical performances with delicious Goan cuisine.

3. Adventure Sports: The azure blue water of the beaches allures all to venture into its unknown depths. Take a daring plunge into thrill and adventure as you try out nerve-tingling water sports like Windsurfing, Paragliding, Jet-Sking, Scuba diving, or just swimming. Water sports can lure you more than one time in Goa. Recently Goa has also started Bungee Jumping. This could be one of the major attractions for you if you want to Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea.

Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea
Image Source Goa Tourism Board

4. Wildlife & Bird watching: Be it Mollem National Park or the Cotigao Wildlife sanctuary, the picturesque wildlife of Goa welcomes you all through the year. However, nature comes alive and rejuvenates the senses during the Monsoon. So even trivial nature trails, Bondla mini zoo, and deer safari are just great for everyone. Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife century covers 240 sq.kms of thick forest-clad slopes on the western ghats and its valleys and is the biggest of the three sanctuaries of Goa.

Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary spread over 1.78 sq.kms and located at the western tip of the island of chorao along the river Mandovi near Panaji. It is fully covered with mangroves species. Varieties of local as well as migratory birds frequently visit the area. This sanctuary can be visited at any time of the year with permission of the chief wildlife warden, Forest Department, Junta House Panaji Goa. The Sanctuary is approachable on the foot after crossing over by the ferry from Ribandar to Charao. It could be a great reason for bird lovers in Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea.

Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea
Image Source Goa Tourism Board

5. Yoga & Wellness: Goa is synonymous with serenity and yoga is the art of relaxing the body and mind. It is the perfect escape to learn great yoga amidst the sand dunes of beaches, One can learn hatha yoga or meditate in the serene environs. While learning the art of yoga travelers and students can stay in simple huts and enjoy the rudimentary lifestyle. In Goa, yoga courses can be combined with ayurvedic treatments. From massages to facials, Goa offers a lot of relaxation techniques to calm your tired nerves.

Explore Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea

So what are you waiting for? Go Goa and enjoy a lot of things and explore Goa beyond sun sand and sea.

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