6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand

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6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand

Vacations, holidays, are the times to leave behind the mundane and adopt a new, adventurous eater. Be what you have always wanted to be on your vacation, have the time of your life. Live to the full, and to do so, you will need the best place on earth, and what’s better than, South Island New Zealand.

The South Islands have all the things in the world and more. You can do much here, and never get bored. Experience the water bodies that get their water from the Pacific, swim with the dolphins, go horseback riding, explore trails and rivers and forests and whatnot. Here is the list of 6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand.

In a nutshell, you can have every adventure in the world in the south Islands of New Zealand. Get the most amazing sights and views from the skies while taking the helicopter tour. We have compiled a good list, that will help you get the best out of your vacations as the southern islands of New Zealand.

The South Island of New Zealand is so mesmerizing that you can’t get enough of them. Here are some awesome things you can do and places you can see, on your South Island trip. Everybody has its own list for every place here is mine 6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand.

  1. Christchurch:

6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand

There is so much to do and see at the Christchurch that you will need a whole day to explore. The city is known as the funky city and has many great attractions. You can start your day with a stroll in the botanic gardens, they are called the Ancient English Gardens as well. They make a great change from the bars and hustle and bustle of the city.

Punting across the city, in the Avon Rover, with your punter dressed to the nines, in the Edwardian attire seems very magical. Slowly propel your way through the Botanic Gardens and admire the serene views. Punting is a family activity as well as a couple’s romantic stroll. It is economical as well. The boats are handcrafted.

You can also have a biking adventure in Christchurch as well as a lazy beach day. Don’t forget the enchanting hot air balloon ride. Take the balloon over the Canterbury plains and see the mix and match patchworks of the city’s landscape. You can’t stop yourself to include Christchurch in 6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand.

  1. Arthurs Pass and Greymouth:

6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand

Catch a train from Christchurch and explore the awesome view from the panoramic windows of the train. Discover the untouched and breathtaking scenery of the west coast as it goes by. Pass the looming Alps and appreciate the beauty that has been bestowed upon this land.

You will also get a chance to visit Arthur’s park in the way, it has the most stunning beech forest and a log of hiking trails. The scenery here changes from beautiful to dramatic. Watch nature’s change and the wildlife that is pretty abundant here.

Arthur’s park also has a huge waterfall, that’s called the punchbowl waterfall. Experience the remarkable force of nature and hear the rushing sound of the waterfall and explore the park with the easy 1-hour track. There is a high probability that you will spot the national animal of New Zealand the spotted Kiwi.

From there the next stop is the Greymouth, which has the colorful gold mining history as well as many art galleries to explore. This pass surely makes this list of 6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand perfect.

  1. Fox Glacier:

6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand

The next stop is the Fox Glacier, that’s down South. Take the great coast road and drive alongside the rivers, glow caves, mines, and forests. You can also witness the Ancient Limestone Cliffs that are spread across the road.

This place also houses the two most accessible glaciers of the world, the cold climate keeps them in perfect shape and the tourists can explore them very easily. The glacier is 13 kilometer in length, and it plunges 2,600 meters from the Southern Alps. You can hire professional guides to take you through the glaciers, walking on ice on giant ice sculptures of mother nature, is one great experience. You can also take the helicopter guide to the ski plane to experience the view from heaven above. It has to be on 6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand.

  1. Wanaka:

6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand

When you have gotten enough of the waterfalls and glaciers, head towards the Haast River Valley at the main island. Here you can experience the nature taking a safari on a jet boat. The most adventurous way to explore the river, being in the jet boat with great visibility

The place is a great combination of small-town serenity and great outdoors. In winters when the snow covers everything, you get to ski and snowboard on the Treble Cone and Cardrona fields. There is the National Park where you can explore with its perfect hiking trails, a paradise for any hiker. Have all sorts of trail and climbing adventures surrounded by the mesmerizing views of the rivers around you. so it has to be in best places to visit in south island New Zealand

  1. Queenstown:

6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand

Visiting the alpine resort should be next on your list, you can do tons of adventures there, including jet boating, river surfing, river rafting as well as the 4WD safaris. Book a safari for the full or half-day and sightsee the Wakatipu basin. All the adventure can’t be done on an empty stomach, they have the most gourmet food as well as wine. After the adventures loosen your self up at the Spa, refresh and have a great time at the golf course. You can plan a whole day around the Queen’s resort and not get bored even for a minute.

There is a lot to explore around Queens town as well. You can head to the next town that’s called the Arrowtown, and learn about the gold mining history they have, it is also the most beautiful town among all of New Zealand. You can also try your luck at the Arrow River and pan for gold yourself,

if you aren’t that crazy about the gold, you can always check to the Lake District Museum. This town also has a lot of film history as well, you can take a horse trek to explore all of that and much more. How can anybody say no to this awesome city so it deserves in to be 6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand.

  1. Marlborough Sounds:

6 trips you must do in the South Island New Zealand

The Marlborough sounds is found at the northern end. It is a marvelous collection of river valleys that are sunken in the ground and create the most beautiful landscape as well as jagged coastlines that you will enjoy immensely. There is so much to do in Marlborough with its historic sites and untouched islands and the huge line of marine reserves. The most notable of these activities are:

  • Hiking at the track that’s named Queen Charlotte

  • The perfect driving experience at the French pass

  • Swimming with the friendly dolphins

  • Cruising and exploring the surroundings of the Marlborough Sounds

There are more than 50 reserves in the Marlborough Sounds. It’s also the more remote place to stay as well. They have the most secluded bays that are accessible by either a bot or helicopter only.


Vacations like these don’t come very often so you should make the most of it always. South islands New Zealand is one such place where you can have it all, even if you have a small vacation. The whole place is full of perfect views and exceptional adventures. Don’t miss out on anything and explore it all!

All these adventures we did with our campervans, hope you like the above list of 6 trips you must do in South Island New Zealand. If you are coming from overseas and you are planning to buy one you can check these tips: Tips / Buy a Campervan in NZ

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