6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia

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If you have watched or read Elizabeth Gilbert’s popular book ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ your idea of Bali may be that it is nothing short of paradise – offering endless possibilities and new beginnings. And you will be right. Bali is a destination for everyone – whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway with your spouse or family, or want to dance away the night sipping amazing tropical cocktails. Whatever kind of vacation you have in mind, there are certain activities that you must dabble in while in Bali. Here are 6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia.

  1. Surfing
6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia
Surfing in Bali

Boasting calm waves throughout the year, Bali’s beaches are ideal for those of you who want to learn how to surf. There are a lot of schools all over the island that will teach you the basics of surfing in shallow ocean water or even brush up your surfing skills. No matter what your location is, most of these schools provide pickup and drop off services. So all you need to worry about is learning how to catch that wave! Surfing has to be in 6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia.

Recommended: Windy Sun Surf

Cost: Indonesian Rupiah 500,000 (for an introduction to surfing class)
Website: https://www.windysunbalisurfschool.com/

Note: Run by ASI certified expats, this school provides a friendly and safe environment to dabble in the water. They even provide breakfast on the house!

  1. Cooking Class
6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia
Cooking Class in Bali

Balinese food is extremely flavourful and healthy, having drawn its inspiration from the ample fresh produce and spices grown on this God’s island itself.  There is no better way to experience the local culture than to spend an afternoon with the locals learning about their cooking techniques, products, and much more. What’s more — you get to feast on the food you cook! How can we forget to include food in 6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia?

Recommended: Mexx The Cooking School

Cost: Indonesian Rupiah 950,000 (for morning cooking class)
Website: http://www.mexxthecookingschool.com/

Note: Group discounts are available if more than two people book together.

Erlinda, the owner and head chef at Mexx Cooking School,  starts off the class with a visit to a traditional market for ingredient shopping. The school is located in the midst of lush paddy fields about 40 minutes from Seminyak. Before the one-on-one cooking class begins, guests are treated with some traditional Balinese cakes, tea, and coffee.

  1. Coffee Tasting
6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia
Flavors of Coffee

Bali is home to one of the most expensive coffees in the world. What makes this coffee so special is the fact that it is fermented in the digestive system of South-East Asia’s local animals – Luwaks!  Praised by coffee lovers around the world as one of the finest beans, tasting this coffee is an absolute must. What’s more, the plantation has a restaurant where you can kick back and enjoy gorgeous views too.

Tour Recommendation: Luwak Civet Coffee Farm

Cost:  Free! (you only need to pay if want to drink a whole cup of coffee and for beans/ powder to take back)

Website: http://cluwak.com/

The tour lasts about an hour where guests have a chance to see luwaks who do the hard work of digesting the cocoa fruits and turning them into the famous coffee beans. All guests get to taste the variety of teas and coffees produced in the plantation.

  1. Bali Swing
6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia
Bali Swing

Swinging in the jungle amongst trees is an experience that you are unlikely to forget.  Whether you are an adventure junkie or not, the Bali Swing is an absolute must-do activity. Not only does it provide the best views of Bali’s famed paddy fields and rainforests, but just think about the Instagram likes! Bali swing is like a trademark for Bali so it will definitely fall in 6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia.

Website: http://baliswing.com/

Cost: Indonesian Rupiah 500,000 (for swing and Ubud Pickup)

Note: There are many locations that identify themselves as the Bali Swing, but not all follow the required safety protocols. Please ensure that the Bali Swing booked by you is certified and follows the proper safety protocols. The swing itself only lasts about 5 minutes, but it is enough to feel that adrenaline coursing through you as you take in the amazing views around you.

  1. Scuba Diving
6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia
Scuba Diving Experience

If you are in Bali than how could you come back without experiencing Scuba diving so it comes in 6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia. If you are keen to explore the underwater sea world, then Bali’s clear blue waters are just the place to start with its an array of sea life from mantas to octopuses. You do not need to know how to swim to scuba dive – so whether you are a water baby or not, you can experience the vast expanse of the sea and its fascinating, colorful inhabitants. In Bali, the best spot to dive is on Gili Island. Read about how to travel from Bali to Gili Island here.

Recommended: Blue Marlin Dive in Gili Island

Cost: Indonesian Rupiah IDR 3,800,000 (inclusive of rental equipment, pool practice, etc.)
Website: https://www.bluemarlindive.com/

  1. Massage
6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia
Balinese Massage

A holiday is all about rest and relaxation and there is no better way to treat yourself than indulging in a traditional Balinese oil massage. The island is brimming with massage parlors offering every treatment – from a shellac manicure to a truly relaxing foot massage. Only a massage can complete a list of 6 Must-Do Activities In Bali Indonesia.

Recommended: Sundari Day Spa

Cost: Indonesian Rupiah 250,000 (for a 60-minute Balinese massage)
Website: https://www.sundari-dayspa.com/

A cut above the other parlors in Seminyak, Sundari spa is well reputed for its professionalism and comfortable facilities. With their curated massages, guests get to experience actual healing, and go back from their vacation stress knot free!

Bali isn’t a typical beach holiday destination. It offers visitors something truly unique with its diverse landscape, myriad activities, and spiritually charged atmosphere. It is truly God’s island!

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