Why Colombia Should Be Your Next Destination

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It’s been nearly a year since I started my journey in Latin America, one questions that are common among backpackers is “what has been your favorite country?” I have also asked this question to many long-term travelers and the answer always seems to be the same, for me and for others, it is Colombia. Let’s Check out Why Colombia Should Be Your Next Destination.

Although many other countries would top the list for me as well, Colombia seems to be most commonly agreed upon as the top travel destination in Latin America– and for good reason. Here I will tell you Why Colombia Should Be Your Next Destination.

Why Colombia Should be Your Next Destination

Not only is Colombia affordable, it is also fairly safe nowadays and easy to travel. The people are kind and the culture is rich. The land is also very diverse. One day I was in the coffee farms up in the mountains and the next sipping from a coconut next to the Caribbean Sea. There is no way to ever get bored in Colombia. Know how to see the world on the budget.

I have highlighted the biggest reasons why you should book that plane ticket to Colombia now!

  1. The most colorful streets you have ever seen – The town of Guatape is breathtaking. Every building is beautifully colored and the cobblestone streets are lined with flowers. This town looks like something out of a fairy tale. Besides exploring the beautiful town there is also a massive rock you can climb to view the town (and all of its surrounding lakes) from above. Guatape is extremely unique and well worth visiting.

Why Colombia Should be Your Next Destination

  1. Crystal clear beaches – Colombia poses as a tropical getaway showcasing some breathtaking beaches along its Caribbean coast. My favorite would have to be the amazing beaches in Tayrona National Park. Turquoise water and fine white sand. The walk through the jungle to get to the beach was just as beautiful. Playa Blanca is also another great beach only a short drive outside of Cartagena. I love a good day at the beach or two and Colombia definitely delivered.

Why Colombia Should be Your Next Destination

  1. Interesting history and rich culture – known as “the city of eternal spring” because of its ideal weather all year round, Medellin is a city with a dark past which it has quickly left behind. Medellin is now a modern and bright city with dozens of sights to explore. Take a tour of the city center and learn about all of the political reforms and the culture of the Paisas (what the people who live in that region of Colombia are commonly called.) Medellin would have to be one of my favorite cities I have ever been to.

Why Colombia Should be Your Next Destination

  1. Adrenaline-filled activities without breaking the bank – The city of San Gil is an adrenaline junkies’ dream. This relaxing riverside town surprisingly offers a variety of extreme activities for less than half of the price we found anywhere else. Here you can whitewater raft in some crazy rapids, repel down waterfalls, and even bungee jump! I did my first ever bungee jump here from 70m high, I had no excuse to say no, it was so cheap at only $20 USD! Why Colombia Should be Your Next Destination.

Why Colombia Should be Your Next Destination

  1. Gorgeous countryside showcasing coffee farms and wax palms – Colombia produces some of the world’s highest quality coffee beans. Nestled in valleys of Southern Colombia, the town of Salento is a great base to tour around one of several surrounding coffee farms. Only a few minutes from Salento is also the famous Valle de Cocora which boasts the astoundingly tall Wax Palm trees – truly a magical sight.

Why Colombia Should be Your Next Destination

Colombia was an interesting and exciting place to visit. I spent 6 weeks there and am already considering returning. So, what are you waiting for – pack your bags! I hope all these will make you understand Why Colombia Should Be Your Next Destination.

-Bailey Busslinger

About the Author – Bailey is a full-time traveler and blogger. She is currently in Guatemala and writes about all of her adventures on her travel blog Destinationless Travel.

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