7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa

7 things to stay safe while travelling to Goa
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From Kanyakumari to Kashmir, India Is a decent place to wander away. And for your kind reference, Goa is a perfect chance not to be missed in India. Goa, which was once a colonial estate of Portuguese evaders, is now growing the beauty of India. It has every showpiece like rumbling beach airs, glittering sands and acts fabulously for every tourist. here are 7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa.

While this is just the starting, Goa does the local taste for quality dishes, natural places and very often it will leave a mark of an impression on your mind. So you can visit Goa for sure once in a while. You can also have some more stances in Goa. Also, it has a local blend of Hindus and Christians in there.

That’s not a thing to worry about, but as to India, you must have your view for your safety. Here are seven ways to stay safe while traveling to Goa you will find helpful for yourself. Although this is the utmost thinking, every tourist should follow. 7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa

Here is some stuff you should not forget to carry.

7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa

  1. ATM cards: Always keep in mind that we don’t live in an ordinary world anymore. We are in the Digital Era, and there is no need for carrying bigger notes and bills. Numerous ATM stalls are available in Goa, and that’s not a brief thing to mind while you travel. Also, if you are on a luxury trip, then you don’t need to carry cash at all in most of places. The only place you might need to carry cash is places like Baga beach for water-sports activities since mostly all are local vendors. But remember to carry your Debit/Credit card where ever you go. AMEX and DinerClub might not be accepted everywhere but VISA and MasterCard are always accepted. Just don’t leave your Debit/Credit card anywhere. It will act as a great option while purchasing or clearing debt. While wandering the locality. There is one term you may come across, the availability of your Banks service in there. To confirm once. one of major safety in 7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa.
7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa
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  1. Have a Money belt: It is very important in 7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa. We can assure you that Goa is the safest place to spend your holidays with families, but there are some odd things too. They are so-called Pick Pockets, whom you may face. They are not so easy to trace or get known of. But there is a preventive way to face them too. You can opt-out for a Money belt that can hide all your belongings in a safe distance from anyone else. Also make copies of passports, other identification-related certificates which you can carry through a Money belt. Check the best way to travel on a budget.

7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa

Do not forget to check sight viewing at Goa beach. There are more than 2M visitors in a year in Goa.

  1. Stay at a safe distance: Suppose if you are a newbie guest in Goa and don’t know anyone to rely on. So here is something you should not forget. Trusting strangers for the asking is fine, but never do depend on them so that they will tickle you.
  2. Less Skin show: According to LAWs and Order in India, you may not be allowed to show the too much skin of your body. Do respect their region and thinkings. Try to avoid bikinis or revealing dresses. Indians are kind of stalky while at the beach and if you are a single woman follow these tips for women solo-traveler.

7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa

  1. Hygiene and safety: There are so many street vendors selling foods at beaches, local malls and regarding. Always try to avoid those foods because street foods are not more charming to anyone in India. Dishes may not properly wash and gone through unhygienic water and washing powders. It’s better to have your supplement. We don’t mean that you cannot try out local dishes which are famous over India.

7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa

Goa is known for numerous casinos there. Do visit once for Fun!

  1. Medical preventives: While we are coming down to earth, other things like precautionary measures are likely not to be missed. Always keep the local police station, Ambulance Cell number, and emergency numbers as well. These are almost very much necessary for your safety. If possible carry a first-aid box with yourself for hated rivals.
  2. Food and Drinks: Let it be last but not least. Always carry hydration sources with you. For your good knowledge, it is not entirely safe to drink water from street vendors. You can buy some good mineral water bottles to drink with an official trademark. This is the most reliable factor to stay away from evil germs.

7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa

And don’t forget to check out some other places in Goa. Remember, there are plenty of locations to experience in Goa. Here are just some overviews we had given in this article like how to stay safe in Goa. We hope you to follow 7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa and stay safe. Happy Holidays! Check Top 10 reasons to travel to India.

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  1. Lizzie

    Thanks for the information. I always worry about getting sick in India especially from the street food, so I guess it is just something to avoid.

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    Fantastic information here and great to hear it from a local. Havent got to Goa yet but will do one day and of course, I will respect the local customs.

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    Great tips! I’ve yet to discover the gorgeous country that it is India but I look forward to it. Thanks for sharing

  4. Marlies

    Thanks for the tips! One of the reasons I haven’t been to India is because I have a feeling I won’t feel safe. Maybe I should take your tips in mind and go 😉 Beautiful pictures btw.

  5. Mamta Sharma

    Good information . Nice one Goa is very beautiful place in India especially it’s beaches .

  6. James

    There are some good safety tips here for Goa. The one that sounds the best to me is to be hygienic and careful what you eat. Indian food can make you very sick!

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    Great tips you have here and awesome photos. Now I have an idea what to prepare in case I’ll go to Goa. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    I would love to visit Goa. These tips are great and a lot of useful information. I’ve saved this for when I get round to going to Goa!

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    Very sensible and practical tips. It is always good to take precautions rather than regret later. These are so valid, especially for foreign travelers in the country.

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    Thank you so much for sharing these tips. As a female about to start embarking on some solo travel in the world it is always good to understand tips for locations – this is so comprehensive!

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