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7 things to stay safe while travelling to Goa

From Kanyakumari to Kashmir, India Is a decent place to wander away. And for your kind reference, Goa is a perfect chance not to be missed in India. Goa, which was once a colonial estate of Portuguese evaders, is now growing the beauty of India. It has every showpiece like rumbling beach airs, glittering sands and acts fabulous for every tourist. While this is just the starting, Goa does local taste for quality dishes, natural places and very often it will leave a mark of an impression on your mind. So you can visit Goa for sure once in a while. You can also have some more stances in Goa. Also, it has a local blend of Hindus and Christians in there. That’s not a thing to worry, but as to India, you must have your view for your safety. Here are seven ways to stay safe while traveling to Goa you will find helpful for yourself. Although this is the utmost thinking, every tourist should follow. 7 things to stay safe while traveling to Goa

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