Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip

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I am in love with road trips and think anyone who likes to travel would be in love with road trips. Road trips are the best way to explore any destination because it gives you the freedom to customize your itinerary and plan as per your interest. Road trips give you the freedom to explore the place like a real explorer not like a tourist. Today I will tell my favorite Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip.

Road trips could be worse as well if you do not plan your trip as per the destination you are going to visit. You need to carry all the essential things with you to make it a memorable trip. A most important part of any road trip is a Car you are driving with. Here I will explain to you Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip.

Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip
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A car is your real companion for any kind of travel and some long road trip really need a good companion. Nowadays the craze road trips going high day by day and people choose road travel instead of train and flight. I have also done some of the best road trips in India which left me hungry to have more of them. I have traveled by different types of vehicles from a Maruti 800 to Volvo bus.

Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip
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As per my experience, any kind of SUV is the best vehicle to have for road trips. But to be very frank everybody cannot afford an SUV because of the high cost of cars. We are lucky that from the last few years all the car makers have come with a new segment of the car called COMPACT SUV (A class of small sport utility vehicles that is larger than mini SUVs but smaller than mid-size SUVs with a length roughly  4.00 meters (157 inches). A few days ago on 28th July, I was invited to Kochi by Tata Motors for the birth of a new baby from Tata named Nexon.

It was a two days event at Marriott Kochi in which they explained to us about the car and then took us on a road trip to Kerala’s mountains. It was my first trip to Kerala so I was so excited to be there and to explore the place. On the first day of the event, they showed the car to us and brief about its features. It was looking promising at the time of presentation but I do not believe until I experience something or explore. So I was more eager to go for the drive to make myself believe what Tata promised us.

Our trip was planned to Greenburg Resort Idukki which is 90 Km from Kochi with 20 km of the mountains and hairpin bends. After the trip, I was really amazed by the Nexon its such a balanced car in terms of power, style, comfort, and premium feel. I can say now its one of the best compact SUV in the market here I will explain to you Why Tata Nexon Is Best Compact SUV For Road Trip.


Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip
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Today almost every automobile company has launched or supposed to launch a compact SUV. There was always a class of people in India who wanted to feel an SUV but could not afford it because of the budget. This class of car lovers made auto companies bound to launch a car which can give you feel of an SUV with a budget of a sedan. Companies identified the potential of the market and started jumping into it with launching the compact SUV. Tata came a little late but have come with a solid car. Let’s explore this beauty with a beast inside and Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip?

Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip

Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip

Exterior: Exterior is the part of any car which attracts people instantly. When you see a car first time on the road or in advertisement first you see the looks from outside only and go ahead for details if like the exterior. Most of the SUVs in the market are like a box shape. Tata breaks the rule and came out with a more attractive design. It is a perfect combination of SUV with a sports car look. The sleek and sloping design of the Nexon is so different from the market. You can say Nexon is one of the most stylish cars from Tata.

Front of the car designed by what the company said as the humanity line. Smooth flowing projector headlights with DRLs. Nexon looks different from the conventional design of the SUVs in the market. It looks beautiful from the rear as well. It has a clean rear with a white line and rear split LED tail lamps and shark fin antenna on the roof. 16 inch allow wheels give Nexon a solid SUV look.

It has the best ground clearance (209 mm) in class makes it perfect for any kind of road trips like mountains and high altitude roads. Tata took it to 18000 ft to make sure that it gives you a feel of SUV while running on mountains. All these features justify Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip.

Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip
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Interior:  Nexon looks more premium when you sit inside the car means the interior is like high-class premium cars. It might look compact from outside but has enough space inside. There is more than enough space for 04 Adults with a kid for a road trip in this car. Large windows really give you a spacious feel in the car. Rear seats have 60:40 split functionality which opens up more space in the trunk quite generous at 350 liters.

If compare with Brezza (328 liters) Eco sport (346 liters) has the smaller trunk. One of the biggest highlights of the interior is the material Tata used. This is easy to see how much effort and market research Tata did before launching this car. There are so many things in the car which shows Tata thought as a passenger, not as an engineer at the time of designing the Nexon.

Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip
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There is an umbrella holder in both front doors and hidden drain pipes will dump the rainwater out of the car. There is an open sunglass holder with a velvet layer to protect from scratching. It has a really big dashboard that gives you cooling features along with a removable tray for food items. Folding rear arms vest, rear AC vents are some well-thought features.

Advanced infotainment system with next-gen smartphone connectivity of Android Auto with the best speech recognition technology to access navigation, phone calls, music at the press of a button. Additionally, the system lets you read & reply to text / Whatsapp messages with voice-based warnings. 08 speakers system from Harman A grand concert on wheels. Exclusively tuned 8 speaker system considering the cabin volume, sound reflection & absorption to provide a true-to-life acoustic experience. Dual frontal airbags as standard safety for crash protection. Check-out the comparison of Tata Nexon with Ford Eco Sport and Maruti Vitara Brezza

Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip

Driving Experience: Nexon is coming with two engines Revotorq Diesel Engine 1.5L, turbocharged, power output of 110PS, 260Nm of torque. Revotron Petrol Engine 1.2L, turbocharged, power output of 110PS, 170Nm of torque. All-new Petrol and Diesel Engine with powerful & sporty performance, to set your heart racing. Currently with six gears manual transmission box. An automatic transmission is currently under development as per Tata officials. How Traveling makes you a better person.

Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip

One of the key features is Multi Drive Modes A mode for every mood. First, in class*, three drive modes Eco, City & Sport for versatile driving performance as per your need, ranging from efficiently cruising on highways to managing traffic in the city and when the adrenaline pumps switch to Sport for taking-off. Every mode of driving is accompanied by a color that changes on the infotainment display. Sports get red, Eco gets green and City gets a blue theme.

It has ABS with EBD Anti-lock braking system with electronic brake-force distribution in all 4 wheels with hydraulic assistance for emergency braking. One more key feature is a wristband which something unique in Nexon. As Tata tried hard to make Nexon a premium SUV.

This feature is such an asset in that you do not need to carry the key just have the wristband and enjoy the car. It has a start push button which really works well with the wristband. Are you agreed why a said Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip?

Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip
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Missing Feature: Tata tried hard to make Nexon a perfect car but there is always a scope for improvement. Nexon also misses some important features as it does not have an 04 wheel drive option, disc brakes are only in front, does not have airbags for the rear seat, an automatic transmission. We would like to in the future in the updated model of the Nexon.  Check out a Road trip to Jaipur

Conclusion: As per my experience Nexon is one of the best in Compact SUV class at this time it really gives you the feeling of a premium car when you drive it. It has almost everything which makes a car perfect some minor features are missing which we can see in future updates as per Tata officials. I hope the above will help you to make understand Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip.

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Disclaimer: The above review is totally based on my experience with Nexon and Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip. it could be a different person to person. If you have experienced the car kindly share your feedback with us in the comment box. Why Tata Nexon Is Best SUV For Road Trip.

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