5 Best Canoe Trips in Australia

Canoe Trips in Australia
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Australia is known for having some of the craziest wildlife in the world. Massive spiders, crocodiles, and kangaroos roam the country, but there are also beautiful lakes to canoe in. Australia weather is perfect for the outdoorsy tourist, and you may even come across lost treasure along the Western Coast. Here we will share 05 best Canoe Trips in Australia

The history of Australia is precious, and canoeing allows you to see a different side of the country, with quiet, beautiful waters.

5 Best Canoe Trips in Australia

Innes National Park

Innes National Park is a go-to for anyone wanting to canoe in a safe location on the Southern Australian Yorke Peninsula. A hotspot is Shell Beach, where you’ll find beautiful, bright green water that offers to paddle on the nearby reef.

But like most of Australia, there is danger in these waters.

In 2012, a great white shark attacked a woman who was kayaking in this very park in Australia. She suffered a wound when the shark decided to try and snack on her kayak. 

Due to the potential danger, you may want to go treasure hunting on the water somewhere else or opt to take one of the many Canoe Trips in Australia that go to the peninsula.

You also have the option of staying away from Shell Beach and exploring some of the other beautiful coastlines.

Murray River

Murray River is a trendy destination for Canoe Trips in Australia. You’ll find a lot of tours going out on Murray River. There is a lot to explore at this destination, which is a few hours from Adelaide, Australia.

The vast opportunities for canoeing on the river include:

  • River Boat Trail (old buildings, shipwrecks and other magnificent scenery)
  • Chambers Creek (great location for camping in Australia)
  • Chowilla Creek (a great trail filled with wildlife and aboriginal history in Australia)

Murray River is excellent for a day trip, but you can also spend a full week out exploring the many trails listed and more. The Morgan trail runs over 70km and is one of the most peaceful places to canoe in Australia with a view of beautiful wildlife.

Canoe Trips in Australia
Katherine Gorge Image Source

Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge is another hotspot for Canoe Trips in Australia, and you have a variety of gorges that you can explore – 13 in total. Tourists have found this local destination in recent years, so while it can be crowded; there are usually areas where you can go off and explore on your own.

Smitt Rocks are in the gorge. It’s a beautiful place to look at massive rock formations and also provides the opportunity to go camping.

Several tour companies offer tours in Katherine Gorge, so if you’re new to canoeing or want to tackle Australia’s waters with a professional, you will have the option to do so.

You can also explore other great spots in the Northern Territory Government.

Sydney Harbour Image Source

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is in Sydney, so it’s not a trip that will bring you to the outback or have you come face-to-face with a shark. The Harbour is idyllic, with a beautiful backdrop, and in one of the largest cities, Australia has to offer.

Explore the city by day and enjoy a beautiful sunset in your canoe at night.

The Harbour is an excellent location for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience out on the water. The water is calm, so the ride will be smooth the entire way. Ecotours are available, and while you may not need a tour to go through these tranquil waters, the tour will alert you to some of the histories, famous people and places of note when out on the water.

You can catch a unique view of Sydney from the water that you wouldn’t be able to see from anywhere else in Australia.

It’s a beautiful, slower pace and a good day trip for families that want to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities in Australia. It could be the best place for you to have Canoe Trips in Australia

West Lakes

You may want to stop by the West Lakes if you’re planning a trip near Adelaide, Australia. The lakes are so calm that most people go to the lakes to train. Paddling is very common, and there’s a 2000 meter canoeing course used for events and training.

Nice and relaxed, you’ll find that the water is most calm in the mornings.

You’ll find a few lakes in this part of Australia that is all worth going to if you want to canoe:

  • Aquatic Reserve
  • Dotterel Reserve
  • Delfin Island

You just want to do a quick check before you go to the lakes to make sure that there aren’t any events going on that may ruin your plans.

Canoe Australia has a lot of great alternative options if you want to paddle around and explore all that Australia has to offer. Don’t forget to check out old town canoe in Australia, on the East coast, where some of the world’s best canoes are made. This is one of the best options among Canoe Trips in Australia.

Where do you plan to go on your day trip to Australia?

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