Top 10 Places You Must Visit In India

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India is one of the populated countries in the world. Experience the real cultural and diverse experience in the second largest country in Asia. The country is surrounded by the mountains in the north to the oceans in the south. One will spend a lifetime exploring its beauty and the vast history filled with emotions and happiness over the years. A person visiting India can feel four different monsoons at various places. Indian food is known for its best in the world. Let’s see Top 10 Places You Must Visit In India in a lifetime.

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List Of Top 10 Places You Must Visit In India


Location: Karnataka

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India
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One of the best places (Coorg) to visit in south India. One can experience the mesmerizing scenic views from the hill station. Try to visit the Abbey falls, nalknad palace, Irupu falls, Nagarhole National park while traveling from Bangalore. It is on top in Top 10 Places You Must Visit In India.

Taj Mahal:

Location: Agra

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

Iconic Place in India. UNESCO designated this place as a world heritage site. Tajmahal considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This place is famous for the beautiful pieces of architecture built by Shahjahan for his love Mumtaz in the medieval period. Without Taj Mahal no list of Top 10 Places You Must Visit In India can be completed.


Location: Meghalaya

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India
Image source JimmyWhoElse (Flickr)

Credited as one the wettest place in the world. This place is an excellent site for the people who want to experience the surreal beauty of dense forests and root bridges. Cherrapunji holds the highest record of rainfall in India. Try to experience seven sisters falls from this place. This is so peaceful in Top 10 Places You Must Visit In India.

Bandipur Forest:

Location: Karnataka

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

If you want to experience the best forest drive, then this place is considered to be at the top. Bandipur is famous to experience the wildlife. From Elephants to snakes, you can ponder over each animal in the free zone.


Location: Uttarakhand

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

Known as the yoga capital of the country. Rishikesh is one of the oldest cities in India. It is famous for river rafting along the rivers of Ganges. The city offers a myriad list to the visitors. One can visit the sacred temples, ashramas, forests in the city outskirts. The adventure capital of India in Top 10 Places You Must Visit In India.


Location: Maharastra

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India
Image source (Arjun Singh Kulkarni) Flickr

A hill station for the perfect vacation near Mumbai outskirts. Experience the trek to Tikona fort, historic beauty of the mountains and waterfalls. Call your friends to arrange a perfect camping trip under the stars at the best places in Lonavala.


Location: Coastal region of Bay of Bengal

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

I would recommend this place to be visited in the eastern part of India. UNESCO declared world heritage. This place stretches along India and Bangladesh. You can experience wild tigers across the national park and mangrove forests in the eastern coastal region.


Location: West Bengal

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

Also called as “Queen of Hills” for the exotic nature around the mountains. Experience the Mt. Kanchenjunga touching over the blue skies. This place is noted for the tea industry. Camping and trekking packages are available from different cities.


Location: Kerala

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

Planning to visit Kerala? Then don’t forget to visit this most beautiful place. Drive with a breathtaking essence along the road to Alleppey. Experience the backwaters, musical mountains, the glimmering lake in summer along with your friends.


Location: Tamil Nadu

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

Also, known as Puducherry. This place is famous for French colonization, beaches. If you’re planning for a beachside cuisine, then this is a perfect place to ponder over. Experience the French architecture in the streets of Pondicherry.


Location: Uttar Pradesh

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

Also called the Religious capital of India. Most of the Hindus regularly visit to perform rituals. The city filled with Hindu tradition and one can learn about Hinduism in detail. Varanasi situated on the banks of the River Ganga. Major attractions in this place are Kashi Viswanath temple, Man Mandir ghat, Ramnagar Fort, Chunar Fort, etc

Great Rann of Kutch:

Location: Gujarat

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India
Image source (Flickr)

A salt marsh spread across on the west coast and the Thar Desert. This place shines when the sunlight falls on the ground. Many historical freedom movements too place here such as Dandi March led by Gandhiji against Britishers Violence and brutal killings.

Kulu Manali:

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

 Located on the banks of Beas River. All famous Himalayan resorts are situated on the top of the hill station. Many people visit this place. One can experience snow beauty in India. Skiing, Paragliding, Rafting, and mountaineering are essential things to do in Manali.

Jaisalmer Fort:

Location: Rajasthan

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India
Image Source (Koshy Koshy Flickr)

 A world heritage site built in 1156 AD by Rawal Jaisal, located in Jaisalmer city. The fort is surrounded by the great Thar Desert. Dating from the medieval period, this fort served as a refugee station to many travelers who traveled along the Silk Road which set up as the main route. Best Hippie destination in India.


Location: Punjab

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

Sikh People consider Amritsar to be one of the sacred places in the world. A northwestern city located 28 KM from the border of Pakistan. The city is known for Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh massacre,  Bathinda Fort, Wagah border, etc. The memory of dead people during independence lies beneath the city.


Location: Odisha

Top Best Places You Must Visit In India

Sun Temple is one of the magnificent places in the city. The temple is known for its history and architecture. People can experience the old cravings for languages on the stones. Earlier in those days, the literature script was famous, people use to crave stones and pass the message to other. Check out how traveling makes you a better human being.


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